Title: Cannot connect to camera [Print this page]

author: arrt    time: 2022-6-8 19:21
Title: Cannot connect to camera
I am having trouble connecting to my VStarcam cs99 X5 Pro using the PC client.
Please find the attached image below, the program refuses to connect with the camera.


The android app works fine. I tried to use the IP checker tool and connected to the camera via web browser and it seems to work fine but I cannot access the files stored on the SD card.

I would really appreciate any help thank you.
author: hbadmin    time: 2022-6-10 10:43

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting us!
Firstly , at the  phone Eye4  , you enable the camera plaintext password , and set password  to be only  numbers .
Then login same   Eye4 account on computer , the camera will auto authorize viewing .  If  you want to view this camera with another APP , such IE browser or NVR , you need to input this Plaintext password to IE or NVR.
Camera username is admin

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