Title: C22Q - Camera configuration menu is missing (Web UI) [Print this page]

author: jivko.yankov    time: 2022-6-27 14:02
Title: C22Q - Camera configuration menu is missing (Web UI)
Edited by jivko.yankov at 2022-6-27 14:16 \n\n


When i open the WEB User Interface in Internet Explorer and try to open the Camera Configuration, a new window opens with the caption: Access Error: The webpage cannot be found (Error HTTP 404 - Site or Page Not Found).

Any suggestions?


author: hbadmin    time: 2022-6-28 16:16
Dear customer
Please plug the Ethernet cable into camera and router . Also make sure this camera and windows computer work at the same router .
author: jivko.yankov    time: 2022-6-28 20:12

The camera and the Windows computer are connected to the same router on the same LAN. As can be seen from the attached screenshot, I can access the camera menu, but not the camera configuration page (using Internet Explorer).

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