Title: Problem after firmware update [Print this page]

author: olanla    time: 2022-7-7 12:59
Title: Problem after firmware update
Edited by olanla at 2022-7-7 14:33 \n\nAfter firmware update Camera can't be used Motion Detection sensitivity mode. how to fix?  THX.
CS64  V.
C37S  V.

author: hbadmin    time: 2022-7-7 13:45
Dear customer ,
Please try the following methods:
1. Please uninstall the APP and install it from Google play or Apple store. 
2. Please exit your APP account and re-login. 
4. Please close the APP from the background of your phone and re-open it and test. 
5. If it still does not work, please remove the cam from the APP, reset the cam to factory default, then re-add it and test again. 
6. Please open all permission for the APP Eye4 on the 'settings' tab of your phone.

After all above settings, if there is still no detection push,please provide us the following info for locating the root cause of the issue:
1) Please check if there is motion detection notification in the ‘Message’ tab of the APP.
2) What is your camera UID ?
3) Please provide us the APP account name and the mail address for alarm push, let's check that, thanks! 

author: olanla    time: 2022-7-7 18:21
I update CS64  to V. is ok.
But C37S  V. not work.
author: olanla    time: 2022-7-9 09:17
I update C37S  to V. is ok.
Thank you.

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