Title: C24S, can't access the web interface :( [Print this page]

author: hobb7t    time: 2022-7-17 06:19
Title: C24S, can't access the web interface :(
Greetings. I tried all the possible ways to login on my camera's interface but without any luck (checked which ports show as open from different software but nothing, also tried whatever prefix i could in the end, nothing again) . I can only move the camera or do minor adjustments through the app. Also, i would be interested to know, does this camera supports rtsp?!  
author: hbadmin    time: 2022-7-18 10:07
Dear customer,
Firstly , at the  phone Eye4  , you enable the camera plaintext password , and set password  to be only  numbers .
Then login same   Eye4 account on computer , the camera will auto authorize viewing .  If  you want to view this camera with another APP , such IE browser or NVR , you need to input this Plaintext password to IE or NVR.
Camera username is admin

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