Title: Vstarcam VS64 problem IP [Print this page]

author: fjaffre    time: 2022-7-18 21:34
Title: Vstarcam VS64 problem IP
Hello, I have a problem with my CS64 camera. This one has an original fixed IP and I can't replace it. When I replace it (with app-find-vstarcam) it works, but after some time it puts back the original IP. How can I do ? thank you
author: hbadmin    time: 2022-7-20 09:28
Dear customer ,
After reboot camera , its IP will change .
author: gemmalyly    time: 2022-9-22 11:04
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author: candysailt    time: 2022-11-7 16:36
I also have the same situation as you and I changed the IP address.

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