Title: H6837WIP PnP [Print this page]

author: macro    time: 2013-3-29 02:47
Title: H6837WIP PnP
Last week i bought 2 cameras H6837wip and can not connect to Iphone

The camera power on ,router yellow light on, green light flashing ,the camera moved and rotated good .

I downloaded pnpcam264 and scanned the UID the beep and show numbers but unknow device and offline I can not connect to Iphone . I download software to my labtop and show unable to connect the camera ? I download amother vstarcam software and see version and IP number of camera is OK but cannot connect to view ?? I tried 2 cameras and all methods but not able to view from Iphone or Labtop . Please advice me what to do very urgently .

My H6837WIP PnP serial numbers

SN : ytqx & SN : ytqz

author: hbadmin    time: 2013-4-1 08:42
dear sir,for H6837WIP,we can download from 3g.gocam.so.and choose the  plug and play H series

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