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author: Abby    time: 2013-7-19 14:08
Title: H6837WI
Dear sir and madam,

i have bought a „H6837WI“ last year.
Since two weeks i have no access to the camera.
When I use the software „app-find-vstarcam“ the camera showes correctly, but when i click to „outer, or inner access“, i get the message: „Error: could not connect the DDNS Server“
After click to „ open“, i have no access!
The same problem is after using the software“ app-pnp-Upgrade-vstarcam“:
„search LAN IP camera“ works perfect, but after using the button “upgrade system“ i get the message: „IP CAM cannot be accessed, please check the device to make sure it works correcly.“
I have reset the camera a few times and unplug a few times, without success!
I have changed the network-cable, without success!

Have you any idea to help me!?

Thanks in advance for your fast help

Greetings from Austria


author: VS-support1    time: 2013-7-19 14:10


I am sorry to restore your information now


You need to H6837WI through the "app-find-vstarcam" camera "to find the camera IP?


Click on the internal access address can not open the case


You check: 1 computer is it right? There are 2 card, the card with cameras connected to the network segment is consistent with the camera
Click on a button to set the best


2 please close the computer antivirus software


If this process or not recommended interface picture you send text "app-find-vstarcam" to me "


I need to see the camera information

Thank you for your support to vstarcam

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