Title: C7837WIP auto cruise PRESETS BUG [Print this page]

author: BEN    time: 2016-7-19 15:07
Title: C7837WIP auto cruise PRESETS BUG
Dear Admin,
I have just sent a mail or should i say i resend a mail which was sent to you last year.
In that mail, I talked about how the presets are changed without users permission, meaning it is not under instruction of the user. After I send the mail and video to you last year, support acknowledged the existence of the problem but seems after more than 6 months, the bug is still there. I have updated to latest firmware but the problem is still there
Please check your mail box.
It is the presets changing randomly issue due to auto cruise instruction getting distracted by user manual intervention of the camera location
author: macro    time: 2016-8-20 16:17
Dear sir/madam,
  There five presets you can set, and if you save them, it can not change. unless changing by youself or resetting  the camera.
author: BEN    time: 2016-11-25 08:31
Edited by BEN at 2016-11-25 08:33 \n\nsupport, plz check your email.Your supporting team have acknowledged there was a bug. I sent the video to them and they tested and acknowleged it. I sent it months back. Does vstarcam have a change in their support team, why you forgot what you acknowledged? This isn't the way to do a business, you let bugs run wild and now even the forum is sort of hidden(hard to access from the main page) and the forum itself had changes too. I'm guessing vstarcam business must be going down judging by the way they do their business. You are losing your old loyal customers. How do you expect to retain your old customers with bad experiences from customers. When your business start going down, don't blame it on your sales team. Rather, it is because your product is defective with bugs. Beside that, nowadays support doesn't reply email and forum same thing too. Takes very long time to reply if that is you reply. I'm not buying anymore vstarcam products. New products are worse than the old one. My H6837WI doesn't have so many bugs compared to new ones like C7837WIP. I put in so much effort to help you to uncover the bugs to show what triggered it but it seems you guys doesnt appreciate it and by the way, you guys are  really terrible at testing products. Know that once you lose customers confidence in you, it will be very hard to recover them. This is what caused companies to sink, complacent, like Nokia did.
author: VS-support1    time: 2017-12-28 09:33
Hi, Sir/Madam,
Thanks for your message,  for the preset problem, we have fixed it,Please update your phone APP version to the latest version.
author: VS-support1    time: 2020-4-13 19:59
lililala6868 replied at 2020-4-13 16:26
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Dear  Sir/Madam ,
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