Title: Android Eye4 connection issue... [Print this page]

author: raslav    time: 2016-11-14 14:36
Title: Android Eye4 connection issue...
I have connection problem from my Mobile Phone (Sony Xperia Z2 , Android ver. 6.0.1) to my cam C7838WIP...
Mi native language is russian, and if i try connect to my cam  from mobile network (with Wi-Fi no problem found),
i see message "Wrong ID" (it connecting only1-2 times from 10), and if i change phone language to English or Hebrew, it work properly....
Thank you.
author: VS-support1    time: 2018-1-3 15:53
Dear Sir/Madam´╝î
Thanks for your message, please modify your phone language not to Russian language, For Russian language, it must set the special UID.

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