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Abby Post time 2013-9-23 11:39:09 |Show all posts
Dear Sir,  I have an electronics company and purchased a ip camera for evaluation.  The camera has only been used for around one month. After a multiple power cut it failed. The camera still switches on but it has lost all other function. I cannot connect to it by lan to update the firmware. I have tried pressing the reset for short and long periods but still cannot make progress. I believe that there may be a technique of reinstalling the webUI from a TF card . If this is so I will need the webUI firmware download and the method of installing it. If nothing can be done may I return the circuit board to you for repair or replacement. It would be too costly for both of us to return the full camera. As I am an electronics engineer I would have no difficulty in replacing the board.
Thank you .   







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VS-support1 Post time 2013-9-23 11:45:56 |Show all posts
Dear Customer
Thanks for chosen Vstarcam!
This is Vstarcam technical support. Regarding to your questions, below is the solution:
1. Keep the camera back factory settings, restore factory setting methods of operation: power state to install cameras at the bottom of the reset button for 30 seconds. Then the camera will automatically restart.
2 to download automatically upgrade tool to upgrade the camera firmware information.
3 If you are not successful on the need to upgrade the camera firmware TF card up. TF card to upgrade the camera firmware, methods of operation: V2 SD Card Upgrade Instructions
Please Firmware: "system.tar" and "" Copy to
The root directory of the SD card and put the SD card into the camera,
Then press and hold the reset button, plug in the power, press and hold the reset button to a working state lights off,
Description cameras being upgraded,
Then you can release the button, this process do not disconnect power until the status light rapidly flash, disconnect the power supply connect the power supply,
SD card upgrade is successful ...
SD card upgrade takes about 4 minutes, so if only 1 minute status indicator flashes slowly,
You may need to ensure that you can read the SD card ..
Using the SD card upgrade the camera firmware,
You can use the V1 application firmware "H-APP-32.0.0.xx.bin"
Or V2 application firmware "H-APP-32.1.0.xx.bin" application firmware upgrade.
Application firmware upgrade, you then check for a new version of the system firmware.
If yes, then you can upgrade the system within the interface firmware.

There documentation, the upgrade is complete to ... 455&extra=page% 3D1 firmware download page, indicate this version of the system firmware is already the highest, without the system firmware upgrade again

Thanks again for your support to us, if you need any further help, pls contact us freely.
Best regards


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