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  • Problem with EyE4 v.1-3-1-9 installed on the PC.

    0 A comment - 1 A visit

    Hello, I have installed on my PC -win 10 64 bit, the software Eye4 v., to remotely view two C13S cameras. On my mobile (android) I can control well from anywhere. When I open Eye4 on t ...

    2022-7-5 17:29 - as31147 - Eye4 PC Client

  • Vstarcam C7824WIP - Wrong HTML Header and unable to stream RTSP

    0 A comment - 2 A visit

    I have the camera Vstarcam C7824WIP. I have several problems with it. 1) My last firmware is and if I try to upgrade to, upgrade always fails. 2) The HTTP Header of the camera is ...

    2022-7-5 16:08 - StefanoGiuglian - C Series

  • C29S firmware trouble

    2 A comment - 26 A visit

    I seemed to make a mistake during updating the firmware for my C29S. Now it doesn't boot nor appear on the network. (When power on, just the yellow LED go on and nothing happens.) Please tell me how ...

    2022-7-3 10:29 - Infox - C Series

  • CS64 access via browser / alternate app?

    0 A comment - 5 A visit

    Hi, I have a few CS64s - no probs viewing these in Eye4, however I'm after accessing them through Chrome / Opera / Safari and/or an alternate iOS viewer which supports several different formats (MJPE ...

    2022-7-4 19:10 - RTouris - C Series

  • C46S - admin password ?

    1 A comment - 19 A visit

    hello all, i recently purchased 3 C46S. All cameras work fine, i can see them via my mobile phone and Eye4 app in windows. when i use ip camera finder v1.0.0.7 there is an option for inner access. wh ...

    2022-7-2 21:00 - paok1926 - C Series

  • Special Coupons for VStarcam followers

    4 A comment - 8419 A visit

    Thanks for following VStarcam,Here are special coupons for all follower!!!

    2019-2-25 15:01 - hbadmin - VStarcam Deals & Coupons Post

  • Blurred picture CS66Q-X18

    3 A comment - 36 A visit

    Edited by aonang at 2022-6-29 19:15 \n\nHello, I connected the camera today and it has a blurry picture. Have already restarted several times and performed a reset. What can I do ? Thanks

    2022-6-29 19:09 - aonang - C Series


    2 A comment - 93 A visit

    Buenas noches Durante una actualización fallida he tenido brick en mi cámara, Necesitaría adquirir la placa electrónica de la cámara o en su defecto la memoria flash de la misma,para poder repa ...

    2022-6-25 03:12 - Commando2007 - C Series

  • C22Q - Camera configuration menu is missing (Web UI)

    2 A comment - 59 A visit

    Edited by jivko.yankov at 2022-6-27 14:16 \n\n Hi, When i open the WEB User Interface in Internet Explorer and try to open the Camera Configuration, a new window opens with the caption: Access Er ...

    2022-6-27 14:02 - jivko.yankov - C Series

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