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  • camera passwords are correct but not connecting

    5 A comment - 259 A visit

    Hi, I have been using eye4 app for awhile now. today i came to use and i got this error(please check screen shot). when i change the password and stop the camera and restart it is ok but when i log ...

    2021-1-30 10:46 - chrisintokyo - Eye4 PC Client

  • SDK / API / ONVIF Pullpoint

    14 A comment - 363 A visit

    Hi, I would like to integrate my camera, G43S, into a third party software. Can you provide: [*]ONVIF Pullpoint [*]REST API [*]SDK Thank you in advance, Simone

    2021-2-7 21:13 - chemelli - G Series

  • cb71 can't reset

    5 A comment - 627 A visit

    my cb71 cannot reset I pushed the reset button but nothing happen just only green light slowly show and also cannot connect or find the wifi mc- xxxxx please help I just bought it 4 days ago

    2020-11-22 00:16 - brrsoftman - C Series

  • DOORBELL D1 push service didnt work anymore

    3 A comment - 1589 A visit

    The push function has not worked for more than 2 weeks. I tried to make it back to the factory but the problem persists. Any suggestions?

    2019-9-16 21:24 - pachanen - Snapshot Door Camera

  • Firmware for New model C7837 , UID VSTF...

    7 A comment - 3831 A visit

    Edited by bktechnhatrang at 2018-10-26 19:17 \n\n Edited by bktechnhatrang at 2018-10-24 08:40 \n\nPlease send me firmware for C7837 with UID VSTF... App Eye4 is online but can not connect to the cam ...

    2018-10-23 22:50 - bktechnhatrang - C Series

  • Firmware upgrade failed - C7837WIP

    7 A comment - 1802 A visit

    Hi! I have a VSTARCAM C7837WIP with version IP Camera Finder Smart Upgrade detect new version, but failed to upgrade to: It had version48.53.75.115 and I upgrade manual to ...

    2019-8-31 00:35 - AngelG - C Series

  • View SD Card Files

    7 A comment - 627 A visit

    Edited by Frankstarcam at 2020-12-24 22:43 \n\nHi, When I try to view SD card files (View SD card Files, Refresh), I get an error "Can not connect to camera" with latest version of Eye4 ( ...

    2020-12-24 22:39 - Frankstarcam - Eye4 PC Client

  • app download for Android phone H6837wip ipcam series

    3 A comment - 3965 A visit

    Edited by raregold28 at 2019-1-26 06:28 \n\n Edited by raregold28 at 2019-1-26 06:27 \n\nI have lost my application download for Android can you please send me a link to find an application for my ph ...

    2019-1-26 05:53 - raregold28 - E Series

  • Eye4 app download

    6 A comment - 1098 A visit

    I used the download icon and downloaded a video clip from Eye4 app to my iPhone XS. However, when I tried to download the same video again, the icon has changed into a "checked" icon (usually switch ...

    2020-5-16 11:58 - JJ1234 - C Series

  • Problem with new October 26 version

    3 A comment - 1994 A visit

    Hi, I installed the new October 26 Android version on my Samsung Tab S 16:10 tablet and it does not work correctly. When I live view the cam, I do not see the date and time at the bottom of the scre ...

    2018-10-31 12:20 - Frankstarcam - Eye4 Android

  • sd card firmware needed for C7838wip

    3 A comment - 276 A visit

    hi can i have sd card file firmware for C7838wip 48.50.6486

    2021-1-25 06:39 - ganesh8586 - C Series

  • Software download

    3 A comment - 2995 A visit

    Hi, I purchased a C7824WIP via ebay but cannot program the software to activate the camera, can you advise where I can obtain the setup software ?

    2016-3-4 13:38 - BEN - E Series

  • N8209 cannot connect to AF81

    5 A comment - 573 A visit

    on my NVR N8209 I have 5 Vstarcam cameras connected and working perfectly, recently I bought the ipcam AF81 but I can't connect to my NVR N8209 the error message “failed connection” always appears. ...

    2020-12-31 11:27 - gustavocontin - NVR/NVS

  • Eye4 Windows PC Client Cant't Login

    3 A comment - 2203 A visit

    Been like this for weeks now. On latest version of Eye4 for Windows but it is never able to login/connect. Tries to connect for a minute and then just re-displays the login prompts as per the image at ...

    2020-1-5 20:34 - Nik - Eye4 PC Client

  • C7824WIP Latest Firmware

    10 A comment - 1739 A visit

    Hello, Please give the latest firmware for C7824WIP to flash via SD card. Latest firmware should be: Thank you.

    2020-3-11 01:01 - robertoehu - C Series

  • Can't get parameters

    17 A comment - 927 A visit

    Hi, I'm stuck with this problem. I can't get parameters or get into the SD card on my windows Eye4 client. I can do it just perfect from my phone using the android Eye4 version but not in windows ve ...

    2020-9-13 06:36 - fspela - Eye4 PC Client

  • Eye4 PC Client time update

    5 A comment - 5298 A visit

    Every time when i try to update the time in PC client, it does not work. It is always an hour behind at summer. I am living at +2 gmt time zone but the system does not understand daylight saving. Tr ...

    2017-7-18 21:59 - dazell - Eye4 PC Client

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