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  • C46S Eye4

    5 A comment - 69 A visit

    Edited by barthelemy2b at 2019-12-4 02:00 \n\nEye4 on windows says that my C46S ( VSTJ046563BWBZJ ) is not supported. but it works with eye4 on android. i am doing something wrong or is it au bug ? ...

    2019-12-4 01:58 - barthelemy2b - C Series

  • C29S WebUI

    0 A comment - 7 A visit

    Hi! There was a WebUI EN203.23.1.16, not stable, alarm settings scheduler disappeared. Update WebUI EN203.23.1.11, same, no work mail. Have stable WebUI? Where download EN203.23.1.16. Thanks! Firm ...

    2019-12-6 20:56 - ivis73 - C Series

  • Camera appears disconnected

    3 A comment - 884 A visit

    Hi, I've been having problems since yesterday because both cameras suddently appears as disconnnected. I've reset both of them and worked ok while I was at home. Today one of them appears again as dis ...

    2018-10-19 01:19 - Danielastev - Eye4 Android

  • NVR N8209 can not connect with C13S and C61S.

    3 A comment - 40 A visit

    I have NVR N8209 connect with network that have C13S =1 , C61S =1 C16S= 3 ,C7824 =3 and C18S =1 . I have problem NVR can not connect with C13S , C61S and C16S (only 1 set). All of camera can connect w ...

    2019-12-3 16:12 - methi - NVR/NVS

  • why my G43S reboot at every night?

    3 A comment - 134 A visit

    why my g43s reboot at every night? Please tell me why and how to fix it. FirmWare :

    2019-12-3 21:38 - jente - G Series

  • Update Firmware fail for model C46S

    11 A comment - 256 A visit

    My new C46s can't update firmware and can't share wifi like SSID IPC-xxxxx. I've reset it many times. But my phone can't see the wifi of the C46s. What should I do? Thank you.

    2019-11-19 13:05 - ksr312 - C Series

  • How to Reset Default N800 DVR?

    1 A comment - 47 A visit

    Hi, I forgot the N800 DVR admin login password. Please help.

    2019-11-30 13:39 - mpalthk - NVR/NVS

  • Forgot password of N800

    3 A comment - 786 A visit

    I fotgot password of admin account Please help me reset it to default

    2018-12-12 12:23 - anhhthnhy - NVR/NVS

  • Sell MUT 19 coins online at MMOAH

    3 A comment - 856 A visit

    As we all know, Madden 19 is a sports game produced by EA Sports and released by EA.MUT 19 Coins continues to use the Frost Engine to create a real and magical football field. This is the goal pursued ...

    2018-11-28 14:45 - Yucca195 - E Series

  • C7824WIP can not change http port

    8 A comment - 9066 A visit

    Edited by bluedragon at 2017-8-22 02:40 \n\nDear Everyone, I have a C7824WIP camera model, and I am using LiveCams Pro app on iPhone to monitor it by ip:http_port, but when I update the firmware to ...

    2017-8-22 02:36 - bluedragon - C Series

  • Windows PC camera connection failing

    4 A comment - 139 A visit

    Hi, I have used Eye4 PC to record 8 x IP cams (mostly C16s) for a long time with no issues. My PC can only connect to some of my cameras and they often lose connection and need rebooting/reseting to ...

    2019-11-21 15:15 - Nickbirk - Eye4 PC Client

  • Can C18S and C46S recording on TF card and NVR box simultaneously?

    3 A comment - 204 A visit

    Hi, is it possible for C18S and C46S record the video on it own TF card and NVR box simultaneously? Thanks Somchid.

    2019-11-14 14:53 - somchid - C Series

  • Computer minimum required for eye-pc

    1 A comment - 228 A visit

    What computer spec that work with eye4 pc I used dell server r710 cpu 5670x2 ram 128GB gpu hd4670 SSD1Tb But cpu using in task bar keep run over 77% used for eye4 pc application Eye4 pc run camera mod ...

    2019-11-15 12:44 - pele - Eye4 PC Client


    1 A comment - 211 A visit

    Edited by tatounoa at 2019-11-12 01:13 \n\n Edited by tatounoa at 2019-11-11 01:09 \n\nHola no puedo entar en eye4 en el pc medice que el correo no es valido error 404 y estoy registrado por el movil ...

    2019-11-11 01:04 - tatounoa - Eye4 PC Client

  • nvr n800p password

    1 A comment - 166 A visit

    i forget my pass from nvr n800p date 2017-09. how can I do?

    2019-11-9 15:37 - karn1 - NVR/NVS

  • C18S Cannot view on Eye4 App after update

    3 A comment - 232 A visit

    I just made an update of the C18S from to and all of a sudden, we cannot view the camera using the Eye4 app. I am sure the camera is working because I can still access the G ...

    2019-11-6 19:06 - ejlreyes - C Series

  • C7824WIP dead and failed after sdcard upgraded! help please

    6 A comment - 237 A visit

    Edited by blackerhot at 2019-11-4 22:06 \n\ni have attached 1 picture. i have used a finder ip camera and found the broken camera. i have accessed into the ip that given with admin/888888 but it alwa ...

    2019-11-4 21:57 - blackerhot - C Series

  • trouble connection model C33-X4

    1 A comment - 192 A visit

    I am having problem with my C33 -X4 camera, after updating firmware to the latest version I cannot access the camera anymore. can you send me firmware, for install throught for micro sd, pls, thank so ...

    2019-11-7 21:51 - mapinillaf - C Series

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