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  • G96-M

    2 A comment - 8 A visit

    Just purchased this little IP Camera. Sadly found that the device was defective on start using. It turned terribly hot after plugging the USB cable and the power adapter; finally it burnt the power ...

    2020-9-18 02:18 - lolworld - G Series

  • C7824WIP can not be upgraded on air

    0 A comment - 17 A visit

    My camera UID isVSTC-901321-CZKNG Version Latest version It said firmware upgrading but after 100%, the version would be the old one.

    2020-9-19 09:56 - fuongsg - C Series

  • C7816WIP

    40 A comment - 5632 A visit

    I have problem with ip camera C7816WIP. It's problem with update firmware. When I update my power shutdown, so it's not update complete. Now when I plug on camera, I can ping to camera ip and search t ...

    2018-7-2 00:28 - totoh - C Series

  • NVS-k200 problem

    5 A comment - 4780 A visit

    i have a new NVS-K200. I can not add any IP camera. I have three cameras but no one can i add. It is right that NVS accept only Vstarcam cameras?

    2014-11-19 17:42 - Abby - C Series

  • cloud not working

    3 A comment - 628 A visit

    hi i have renew my cloud but it doesn't register on cloud only on memory card .please can you help me thank you.

    2020-2-27 01:26 - cristipapa - Eye4 PC Client

  • Need C7824WIP & C17S WebUI firmware

    2 A comment - 31 A visit

    Hello I've two C7824WIP cameras. And one C17S camera. When I check camera for firmware update via Eye app. It display that the WebUI version is outdated. But when I try to update the firmware It on ...

    2020-9-14 20:51 - parnz - C Series

  • My G43S ONVIF can connected but no video in my NVR

    3 A comment - 33 A visit

    I have 2 camera are C24S and G43S. The C24S is working fine. But the G43S can connected NVR via ONVIF but no video in NVR. Please tell me what should I do? My G43S Info Firmware Version 48.53.25 ...

    2020-9-13 11:40 - thelek - G Series

  • D26S Office Pls Rewrite UID

    1 A comment - 43 A visit

    Hi support team Pls verification UID VSTF229939ATDEC / hjdjc Thank you

    2020-9-14 23:12 - kritbailay - D Series

  • N8029 No sound playback ?

    3 A comment - 119 A visit

    Edited by wicky1 at 2020-8-24 22:11 \n\n Edited by wicky1 at 2020-8-23 23:33 \n\nHi. When i playback N8209 it no sound playback. How can i do?

    2020-8-23 23:31 - wicky1 - NVR/NVS

  • T7838WIP

    1 A comment - 53 A visit

    Good evening, I need to know how I can replace a Wi-Fi antenna of the T7838WIP model, if it has been lost. I would like to know what type of input is the wifi antenna.

    2020-9-6 11:36 - luisrubio - E Series

  • Can't get parameters

    1 A comment - 33 A visit

    Hi, I'm stuck with this problem. I can't get parameters or get into the SD card on my windows Eye4 client. I can do it just perfect from my phone using the android Eye4 version but not in windows ve ...

    2020-9-13 06:36 - fspela - Eye4 PC Client

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