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  • N800 Firmware

    4 A comment - 1920 A visit

    Hi, Can you please send me a link to DL the latest upgrade for the N800. Build date 29-03-2016 System Web Thanks

    2019-2-20 06:49 - twistee007 - NVR/NVS

  • VStarcam Big Sale - Black Friday Week Sale

    15 A comment - 24128 A visit

    IP Camera, Baby Monitor, Home Security System, CCTV System ...... Where to Buy: VStarcam Online Store: Amazon US: ...

    2018-11-20 10:53 - hbadmin - VStarcam Deals & Coupons Post

  • Can't talk to camera in Eye4 for PC

    2 A comment - 15 A visit

    Hi Two months ago i still can talk to the camera in Eye4 for PC, but last week i uninstalled and download the latest version from this link and now I cannot talk to t ...

    2020-11-25 18:02 - supertom90 - Eye4 PC Client

  • cb71 can't reset

    3 A comment - 41 A visit

    my cb71 cannot reset I pushed the reset button but nothing happen just only green light slowly show and also cannot connect or find the wifi mc- xxxxx please help I just bought it 4 days ago

    2020-11-22 00:16 - brrsoftman - C Series

  • Firmware Vstarcam C29

    23 A comment - 5702 A visit

    Good day, please can you help me with the firmware to install by micro SD / TF camera Vstarcam C29, I had an error in the update and it does not work today

    2018-4-8 00:54 - douglassachica - C Series

  • N8209p no sound after latest firmware upgrade

    5 A comment - 102 A visit

    How can I fix this problem??? I want to downgrade it. Where can I get older firmwares??? Please...

    2020-11-13 22:26 - Jim_Wick - NVR/NVS

  • C7824WIP firmware failed

    3 A comment - 67 A visit

    I have C7824WIP Current Firmware :;EN45.8.53.20 Check firmware Upgrade from Eye4 PC Version New version: When I use Smart Upgrade From IP Camera Finder it count to 50 and fai ...

    2020-11-21 01:20 - rrrttt2004 - C Series

  • EYE4 NVR2 new version?

    5 A comment - 166 A visit

    Where can I find new version of EYE4 NVR2 Android app? It says "Please update new version". App gets stuck all the time and it's not working.

    2020-11-4 15:35 - chinese120 - NVR/NVS

  • D26S Offline

    3 A comment - 736 A visit

    Hello, my camera D26s is offline after an update, I need a UID verifications. The number is VSTA554607EMGGT FNFDB Thank you

    2020-3-5 17:20 - Boss - D Series

  • the IP camera model C38S can't record video to TF card

    5 A comment - 97 A visit

    I have 3 question. How to set IP camera model C38S record video to TF card automatically? Sometime record and sometime not record ,why? The video that record in TF card it continue record all time or ...

    2020-11-12 10:50 - Krit.U - C Series

  • PC Client / no automatic connection to cameras

    3 A comment - 163 A visit

    I use Windows10 and also the newest eye4 Application. On iOS App all cameras are connected and working automatically. On PC after starting Program, no camera can be connected, I have always to give in ...

    2020-11-2 15:45 - yucon0829171416 - Eye4 PC Client

  • The moive copy from eye4 remote recording can play movie but no sound

    3 A comment - 93 A visit

    The moive copy from eye4 remote recording can play movie but no sound

    2020-11-11 13:46 - esc4482 - C Series

  • Cloud storage not supported any more?

    1 A comment - 86 A visit

    Hi. I am trying to access Cloud storage for my cam but it gives me an error: "The current firmware does not support cloud storage. Please upgrade to the latest version". I tried upgrading the firmware ...

    2020-11-9 21:31 - V6testtech - Eye4 PC Client

  • C24S not working on after update firmware and reboot

    1 A comment - 97 A visit

    Edited by Wu2547 at 2020-11-11 00:52 \n\n Edited by Wu2547 at 2020-11-11 00:51 \n\n Edited by Wu2547 at 2020-11-11 00:50 \n\n Edited by Wu2547 at 2020-11-11 00:47 \n\nHi My IP camera c24s not worki ...

    2020-11-11 00:47 - Wu2547 - C Series

  • C34S-X4 cannot focus on 1x (blur)

    3 A comment - 125 A visit

    My camera is C34S-X4 that can be adjust focusing 1x to 4x. but has problem only 1x cannot be focus anytime (2x 3x 4x is normal) How can I setting or fix parameter of lens?

    2020-11-5 22:56 - Starbugzz - C Series

  • How to make C38s connect vi ONVIF

    1 A comment - 117 A visit

    I have trouble to connect my Vstarcam C38s to my NVR over ONVIF. I believe this model does support ONVIF. Anyone can advise? I am using port #10080 but no response back from NVR at all.

    2020-11-7 13:26 - paisitw - C Series

  • C7837WIP Software for MAC

    11 A comment - 5094 A visit

    Dear, I transfer the file from the SD card to my computer , MAC OS X . I use VLC to watch with changing setting , i can see the video but cannot hear the audio. I used several software to do convers ...

    2016-12-2 10:38 - larrydalaw - C Series

  • Firmware C17S

    1 A comment - 115 A visit

    Hi I have a different version of the firmware Vstarcam C17S. working on my program (D-ViewCam_DCS-100) but not working How do I downgrade the firmware? Thanks Nokiang ...

    2020-11-5 11:37 - nokiang - C Series

  • Models working with NVR?

    3 A comment - 131 A visit

    Can you list all the camera models which surely work with NVR? If I buy more cameras I need to know they can be added to NVR. I have N160 and N8216.

    2020-11-2 22:51 - chinese120 - NVR/NVS

  • C63S after factory reset does not work Eye4

    1 A comment - 115 A visit

    Edited by trusivan at 2020-11-3 18:32 \n\nHello After factory reset The camera lost its UID, I restored the factory UID VSTJ508501XEKGM from the sticker The camera works over IP But does not work th ...

    2020-11-3 18:31 - trusivan - C Series

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