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  • T series , my password inner access doent work

    0 A comment - 1 A visit

    Edited by spyker123 at 2020-4-7 09:51 \n\nI need to setup snapshot forwarding to email, it worked before .I have a T7837WIP CAM . When i try to lock into the IE web, i go to camfinder . i click on th ...

    2020-4-7 09:45 - spyker123 - F Series

  • Firmware C8851WIP

    0 A comment - 11 A visit

    Hi! Please give me firmware for C8851WIP UID: RUSS033505DMSNY The current version Thank you!

    2020-4-6 03:39 - Kenos - C Series

  • VstarCam c7837wip setup on zoneminder

    3 A comment - 1818 A visit

    Edited by JesseVoss at 2018-7-9 16:35 \n\nHello, I have recently purchased a few VstarCam c7837wip wireless cameras and after setting up thought that it would be a good idea to use Zoneminder to man ...

    2018-7-6 16:34 - JesseVoss - Eye4 Android

  • vstarcam C22Q IPFinder not works

    0 A comment - 22 A visit

    Edited by rajes.india at 2020-4-3 04:26 \n\nHi, IP Camera Finder (V1.0.0.7) was working till last month. after latest firmware update and camera restart, software is not detecting the camera ip and p ...

    2020-4-2 21:40 - rajes.india - C Series

  • firmware problem update C7824WIP

    1 A comment - 58 A visit

    HELLO I HAVE three CAMERAS C7824WIP failed a firmware upgrade, now it is dead. Only the network port leds blinks when i insert a UTP network cable. with the vstarcam upgrade windows app, with the ipc ...

    2020-3-31 21:57 - lisandrorondon - C Series

  • C18S Stops working every day

    0 A comment - 24 A visit

    Hi I have 3 C18s. Every day the rtsp stops working and i have to reboot all of them. Eye4 still works. Is there a fix for this? Thank you

    2020-3-31 19:31 - shyrwall - C Series

  • Problem with T6835WIP

    0 A comment - 15 A visit

    I'm have T6835WIP and Yesterday I update firmware to new version and camera start hang and slow acceess. Does anyone have old firmware?

    2020-3-31 16:56 - incom2007 - E Series

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