FAQ Videos Manual Datasheet
1.How to contact us?            
2.How to boot?            
3.How to restore factory settings?            
4.Unable to add camera for the first time?            
5.QR code scanning does not respond?            
6.Why is the camera always disconnected?            
7.Can the camera work without WiFi?            
8.How to switch WiFi for the camera?            
9.When the device is turned on, the blue light flashes quickly and can't get on the Internet.            
10.The device is networked and dormant. The blue light flashes when it wakes up            
11.Failed to register account number?            
12.Login questions?            
13.How do your friends access the camera?            
14.Why can't the camera detect moving objects?            
15.Why can alarm pictures or videos only be taken from the back?            
16.Why can't the mobile phone receive the alarm push message?            
17.Why are there no moving objects, but the alarm is sent frequently?            
18.How to charge the camera?            
19.Why does the charging fail?            
20.Why does the camera consume power fast?            
21.How to improve the camera's battery life?            
22.Why is the battery not durable after charging?            
23.Why is the battery not durable when the solar panel is connected?            
24.Can I change the battery myself?            
25.How does the camera record?            
26.TF card identification problem?            
27.How to watch the video?            
28.How to download the video to the local phone/computer?            
29.Does the camera support direct PC connection?            
30.About Cloud storage?            
31.Cloud storage unsubscribe / replace issue?            
32.Does the camera support 7 * 24 hours of video recording?            
33.Why do night vision pictures have white spots?            
34.Why is the image of night vision dark?            
35.What if there are black spots on the image?            
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