• VStarcam CeBIT 2016 Invitation

    VStarcam CeBIT 2016 Invitation

    Date: 2016/02/19 | Category: News

    CeBIT 2016 Exhibition Time: 14-18 March,2015 Exhibition site: Hannover Exhibition Center in Germany Booth NO. : A36-18-2/ Hall 17
  • VStarcam 2016 Annual Party

    VStarcam 2016 Annual Party

    Date: 2016/01/30 | Category: News

    Under the theme of “Looking ahead with precision” VStarcam annual party was held in the 25th of Jan 2016 Yuhua Hotel, year of Monkey. President Luke Yan summarized VStarcam’s 2015 achievement and shared VStarcam 2016 company new product roadmap with all guestsand. Vice president Nick Hong repo...
  • VStarcam in INTERSEC 2016

    VStarcam in INTERSEC 2016

    Date: 2016/01/30 | Category: News

    Just back from CES, VStarcam joined the INTERSEC 2016 without any break. During the two exhibitions, we displayed our latest developed Zigbee smart home accessories, together with 2MP HD IP camera and Upgraded HD alarm cameras. This is the second time VStarcam attended INTERSEC, unlike the las...
  • Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    Date: 2016/01/30 | Category: News

    Dear customer Happy New year! During the beginning year of Monkey, VStarcam all members wish you longevity and health! To celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year, our factory will be closed from the 2nd of Feb(Tuesday) until the 15th of Feb ( Monday). We will be back to normal working...
  • VStarcam Exhibition in October. 2016

    VStarcam Exhibition in October. 2016

    Date: 2015/12/04 | Category: News

  • My life my rule, VStarcam innovation in CHTF 2015

    My life my rule, VStarcam innovation in CHTF 2015

    Date: 2015/11/05 | Category: News

    The 17th China High-Tech Fair was successfully closed on the 21th., Nov. This CHTF was well known as “China Top high Tech fair”, attracted more than 44 exhibitor groups from 28 countries, covering new energy, energy saving & environmental protection, smart home ect area. This was the third...
  • VStarcam“Cooperation CUP“ fun games

    VStarcam“Cooperation CUP“ fun games

    Date: 2015/10/24 | Category: News

    To enrich the cultural life of the enterprise, active corporate culture, build team work between employees and increase the collective spirit, VStarcam held its first session of the "Cooperation Cup" Fun Games first project “the tug of war” on October 22, 2015 afternoon. All the departments have ...
  • VStarcam Exhibition in November.2015

    VStarcam Exhibition in November.2015

    Date: 2015/10/22 | Category: News

    VStarcam Exhibition in November.2015 ,ICEEB 2015,CHINA HI-TECH FAIR 2015
  • VStarcam Exhibition in October. 2015

    VStarcam Exhibition in October. 2015

    Date: 2015/09/16 | Category: News

    Global Sources Hong Kong Electronic Fair ,Hong kong Electronic Fair Autumn Edition(HKTDC),CPSE 2015-THE 15TH CHINA PUBLIC SECUITY EXPO
  • VStarcam Qingyuan Drift

    VStarcam Qingyuan Drift

    Date: 2015/08/11 | Category: News

    Summer time is coming, VStarcam family had a very nice weekend in Qinyuan, one of the most famous south city in China for drifting. During the two days gathering, VStarcam family have experienced not only the thrilling Huangtengxia drifting, very relaxing Yinzhan hot spring bath, also attended th...