Network Video Recorder

  • N8208-4B400-POE


    Main functions:
     Through cloud services, various network penetrations can be easily achieved, and remote monitoring can be realized in one step, eliminating the complex network settings. It is simple, easy to operate, and very convenient;
     Support cross segment search and addition of network cameras under the protocol;
     Support H.264+ video decoding and H.264+ encoding front-end hybrid adaptive access;
     Support adding network cameras with one click;
     Support up to 8 MP network camera's preview, recording, and playback;
     Network video access bandwidth can reach up to 80Mbps, supporting up to 8 channels of HD network video for full real-time digital channel preview and recording;
     Support up to 8 IPC direct POE interfaces;
     Support up to 8 channels of synchronous playback, with free switching between main and auxiliary code streams;
     Supports 1 SATA interface, 10TB hard disk;
     Support hard disk S.M.A.R.T technology and hard disk bad track skipping, greatly reducing data loss caused by hard disk failures;
     Support plug and play, SMTP, SSL email alarm

  • N8209-CS55


    Motion detection, Humanoid detection,  Absence monitoring, Electronic fence,HDMI Audio output, optional for 3.5mm audio port output