8040 Solar panel Specifications

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  • Model 8040 Solar panel Specifications
    Overall SideSolar power generation power: 80W MAX
    Solar power generation voltage: 16V MAX
    Solar power generation current: 5A MAX
    Battery capacity: 40AH/444WH
    Remaining power display: 25% per grid
    Charging status display: gradually light up the grid that is not full
    Charging voltage: 9~12.6V (follow the change of power percentage)
    Overall FrontCharging current: 0~5A (follow the change of sunlight intensity)
    Discharge voltage: 12.6~9V (follow the change of the percentage of power)
    Discharge current: 0~5A (follow the change of equipment electric power)
    Charge and discharge protection current: 10A
    Short circuit protection current: 15A
    Anti-overcharge protection voltage: 12.6V
    Over-discharge protection voltage: 9V
    Bottom of the bracketCharging with external power supply: 12.6V
    Standby time in cloudy and rainy days: 4-6 days with big PT/PTZ camera (excessive power of supplementary light or continuous rotation will shorten standby time accordingly)
    Recharge time in sunny days: about 1.5 days (battery from Empty to Full)
    Main body bracket size: 572 × 244 × 130mm
    Solar panel size: 530 × 350 ×17MM ×2
    Packing method: EPE + Carton
    Can be put into the camera box size: 280×280×150MM
    Outer packing size: 580 × 220 × 405MM
    Gross: 10kg (including Packaging)