Battery Outdoor Camera
  • DB6


    ✮ Wireless connection
    ✮ Remote active waking up, Two-way talk
    ✮ Start quickly & start recording within 400ms
    ✮ Smart PIR human detection, Smart alarm pushing
    ✮ 5000mAh battery powered, Low power reminding; 
    ✮ Low power system optimization
    ✮ Free 3 days Cloud Storage alarm video
    ✮Compact design, effective Waterproof  IP65
    ✮PIR distance adjustable, autonomous on-demand control

  • Solar wireless waterproof camera CB54

    Solar wireless waterproof camera CB54

    ✮ Wireless connection ✮ Remote active waking up, Two-way talk ✮ Start quickly & start recording within 400ms ✮ Smart PIR human detection, Smart alarm pushing ✮ 5000mAh battery powered, Low power reminding ✮ Low power system optimization ✮ Free 3 days Cloud Storage alarm video ✮Support external 3V/5V solar panels, continuous transmission power supply, Never power off

  • BG69


    Intelligent 4G waterproof PTZ camera, two-way voice intercom, full-color night vision, humanoid detection, motion detection, smoke whistle alarm, real-time push alarm information to mobile phone, timely stop loss, free cloud storage, hoisting, hanging It is suitable for schools, farms, finance, factories, shopping malls and other places, and it is worth having.