【 Exhibition News 】 VStarcam sincerely invites you to participate in the 2023 Ho Chi Minh Security and Fire Protection Exhibition!

The 2023 Ho Chi Minh Security and Fire Protection Exhibition will open the Hanoi International Convention and Exhibition Center in Vietnam. VStarcam sincerely invites you to visit booth D301. This exhibition focuses on the latest technologies and products in the field of safety and fire protection, such as fire protection systems, security products, monitoring systems, and fire vehicles. The aim is to promote cooperation and exchange among enterprises. At that time, professionals and companies from all over the world will participate.

Exhibition Introduction

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh International Security and Fire Exhibition is the only international security industry exhibition hosted by the Government of Vietnam.

VStarcam Honors

With video as the core technology and a national level high-tech that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service, VStarcam has won multiple honorary certificates for its outstanding contributions in the fields of video security, intelligent IoT, and cloud platform services

National authoritative testing of qualified products

”High tech enterprises“

“National Top Ten Green and Low Carbon Show house”

”Leading Enterprise in Integrity Brand Construction“

“Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Credit Enterprise”

VStarcam Strength

190+countries: products and solutions are applied in over 190 countries and regions worldwide

Multiple fields: The products cover civilian video surveillance, intelligent security, and smart home!

VStarcam Products

Create a smart life in a reliable way!

At this year’s exhibition, VStarcam will showcase the latest security audio and video products, including video surveillance, fire alarm systems and equipment, access control systems and other products and scenario application solutions, and share its expertise and experience in the field of security and fire protection. In addition, a series of seminars and forums will be organised to enable participants to gain an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Dual lens integration for efficient prevention

Product advantages

  1. Based on the dual lens feature, this camera can be applied to advantages such as night, rain and fog, and two different areas. The same screen has two images in one step, with one camera topping two cameras.
  2. This camera can alarm and process the intrusion of objects such as fire points and personnel, and automatically filter out problems such as leaf shaking to improve alarm accuracy;
  3. CB67D ultra wide angle and zoom dual lens, capable of detecting and tracking human figures up to 15 meters, with real-time alarms.
  4. The FG663DR camera can detect and identify open flames and smoke, sound alarms on site, and push alarm information to mobile phones in real time. Remote and timely processing can effectively prevent fire hazards;

VStarcam core advantages

See you at the exhibition

We look forward to the success of this exhibition and look forward to seeing your participation at this grand event.