Warm companionship, worry free time: Helping care for the elderly today and tomorrow!

On April 13, 2024, Shenzhen Renda Love Nursing Home, in collaboration with VSTARCAM and other units, launched a celebration of the birthday of the elderly. By celebrating their birthdays, sending warmth and blessings to the elderly, promoting the spirit of respecting, loving, and respecting the elderly, and conveying the love and warmth of the VSTARCAM brand!

At this special gathering, staff from Renda Love Nursing Home and VStarcam Love Team carefully planned a series of colorful activities, including singing and dancing performances, musical instrument performances, as well as exquisite gifts, cakes, etc. On that day, the venue was decorated with flowers and flags, and the banquet table was filled with various delicious food and drinks. The elders who participated in the event gathered together and spent a joyful and warm afternoon together.

At the beginning of the activity, there was a wonderful chorus music performance, and the elderly people clapped their hands gently with the rhythm, filling the entire venue with laughter and joy. Subsequently, the host took the stage to deliver a speech, expressing sincere blessings and gratitude to the elderly, praising their wisdom and courage.

Next came multiple exciting performances such as dance, instrument performance, and choir. The highlight of the celebration was the VStarcam Love Team presenting gifts and blessings to the birthday stars, elderly people, and retired veteran Grandma He Wei. They politely and gratefully received the gift, with happy smiles on their faces, laughter and applause echoing in the venue.

As the event drew to a close, the staff brought a beautifully lit cake with candles, and the whole gathering gathered around the birthday stars to sing a birthday song. The whole gathering was full of warmth and emotion, as the elderly tasted the birthday cake and delicious food, wished each other well, and expressed gratitude to the organizers of the event.
This social gathering not only brings joy and warmth to the elderly, but also makes more people realize the importance of caring for the elderly.

After the event, the Weishi Dakang Love Team immediately visited Grandma He Wei, a 105 year old veteran, to listen to her enthusiastic sharing of her difficult experiences and interesting stories in the military. They kindly inquired about her physical and living conditions, and sent her comforting gifts. Grandma He Wei expresses her gratitude for the deep care of the Weishi Dakang team and the attention of the Renda Love Nursing Home.

Shenzhen Renda Love Nursing Home is a large-scale comprehensive social welfare institution that provides life care, rehabilitation care, spiritual comfort, and cultural entertainment for the elderly, integrating elderly care, health preservation, medical care, and leisure entertainment. VStarcam, on the other hand, is a company focused on caring for homes and safeguarding security in the field of security, actively practicing corporate citizenship responsibility in terms of social responsibility. The joint holding of the Elderly Birthday Celebration not only showcases the love and care of the two institutions for the elderly, but also sets a good example for other enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that in today’s fast-paced society, the elderly population is often overlooked or marginalized. Therefore, such activities are not only simply celebrating the birthday of the elderly, but also calling on the entire society to treat the elderly with more respect, care, and attention.