VStarcam men’s basketball team made a powerful debut in the first “Shuitian” Cup!

In order to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the Shuitian community, fully leverage the spirit of community teamwork, and enhance the cohesion and pride between the community and enterprises, the Shiyan Shuitian Community in Bao’an District, Shenzhen held the first “Shuitian” Cup basketball tournament from May 11 to May 26 at the Sanzhuli Basketball Stadium
After 16 days, let’s take a look at the exciting review together!
Firstly, the Secretary of the Party Group of Shuitian Community and the Deputy Director of Shiyan Street delivered a speech, briefly and clearly introducing the basketball competition matters, and announced the official opening of the first “Shuitian” Cup basketball competition!

Eight basketball teams, including Shuitian Corporation, VStarcam, Guantian Police Station, Sanzhuli Community, Dongfang Tongtai, Huafeng Century, Xinwangda, and Yutong Technology, actively responded. This competition adopted a ring format, with 16 matches played in the group preliminary round, knockout round, semi-final, and final;

On the evening of May 11th, the “Shuitian” Cup basketball game at Sanzhuli Basketball Stadium officially kicked off. After registering player information and taking a group photo with the players of VStarcam basketball team and Huafeng Century basketball team, the referee made a mid circle jump to signal the official start of the game, VStarcam and Huafeng Century players have successively performed exciting content such as offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, assists, steals, two-point shooting, three-point shooting, blocks, fast breaks, and dunks.
The atmosphere on site was extremely high, and the basketball thrown high ignited the vitality of the basketball game. The players from both sides quickly entered the state and actively participated. All athletes, main and auxiliary referees, interpreters, staff, and on-site spectators performed outstandingly. The staff actively provided logistical support, and the referees were impartial, serious, and did their best to judge each ball well, ensuring the fairness, continuity, and viewing value of the game.
The enthusiasm of the off-site audience and cheerleaders was high, and the cheers, cheers, and applause fully boosted the morale of the team members and stimulated the enthusiasm of the audience. During halftime, coaches and players from both basketball teams actively studied countermeasures.

All the energetic athletes are actively involved and give their all, truly demonstrating the spirit of friendship first and competition second, showcasing their style and level of competition with full momentum.

On the evening of May 15th, the second stage of the competition kicked off, VStarcam played against Dongfang Tongtai, and the players on both sides warmed up thoroughly. As the professional referee’s whistle sounded, the entire team quickly entered the game state. The players were sweating profusely on the field, and the coach quickly adjusted the situation on the field. He analyzed the scoring situation at critical moments, and the basketball players fully demonstrated their charm: hard dribbling, assists, steals, and shooting, leaving behind silhouettes to prove their impressive performance, full of power, and unparalleled brilliance. Many colleagues from VStarcam also came to the competition site to cheer for their team members.
On the evening of May 17th, the third stage of the competition officially began, VStarcam vs. Yutong Technology. At the beginning of the game, both team members did their best and launched round after round of attacks towards the opponent’s basket. In the first half, The VStarcam basketball team broke through layups and scored consecutive points, with players making precise steals and handsome shots, causing cheers from the sidelines. The coach formulates a “two to one” tactic, constantly creating opportunities for us while keeping an eye on the opponent’s score, VStarcam played three amazing three-point shots! In the game, the team members cleverly intercepted the ball and bravely broke through. In the final stage of the game, the whole team dared not relax at all, dribbling and breaking through, combining pick and roll, and not giving the opponent a chance to turn things around. Every move on the field touches the hearts of the cheerleaders. They shout for goals, cheer for breakthroughs, five seconds… four seconds… three seconds… two seconds… the “clang” whistle blows, and the whole game ends!

After fierce competition, the “Shuitian” Cup basketball game has reached the final stage, and the advancing basketball players have not relaxed at all. On the evening of May 26th, Shuitian Shares faced Huafeng Century, and Dongfang Tongtai faced Xinwangda. In the end, Shuitian Shares won the championship, Huafeng Century won the runner up, and Dongfang Tongtai won the third place. Following that, an exciting “Shuitian” Cup basketball award ceremony was held, VStarcam won fifth place, and the basketball players exchanged ideas after the game, hoping to strengthen cooperation and communication in the future.

Behind a game lies the careful guidance of the coach, the hard work of the team members, and the invisible sweat and effort. In the face of strong opponents, we will not retreat, give our all, and face difficulties! The heroes are competing, who is in charge of the basketball court? Let’s watch my VStarcam men’s basketball team and continue to write brilliant stories.
The “Shuitian” Cup basketball game provides a platform for enterprises to showcase their own image, promote internal and external communication and cooperation. By participating in such activities, the VStarcam basketball team has deepened friendly relationships with other units with a tenacious spirit of hard work and teamwork, demonstrating the positive and united spirit of the VStarcam people.
Looking forward to more similar events being held in the future, so that more enterprises can showcase their talents and promote comprehensive development through sports and competitive activities.