Romantic 520, crossing time and space to accompany you!

Love is companionship, sharing, and experience. When love comes, we hope to be with him/her, share the bits and pieces of life, experience the ups and downs of life together, and spend the rest of our lives together.

520 Valentine’s Day is coming soon
Valentine’s Day!
Of course, it’s for friends who have a partner
For an intelligent camera that operates on one chip
“Object” has only been seen in chess
Choosing the Right Gift – VStarcam Smart Camera
Accompanying him/her beyond time and space
Witness and cherish love
This is not Xiaowei who has prepared a batch for everyone
“520 Valentine’s Day”
Sweet artifact, little guard, storage expert
A series of romantic gifts
Come and take a look

Bidirectional visibility+ambient warm light accompaniment

VStarcam bidirectional video camera CV331S

It comes with a warm night light design, creating a warm and comfortable environment for users, allowing them to relax and often becoming a tool for many couples to express love and share sweet moments.

On special days like 520 Valentine’s Day, even if you are in a different place, the one click call/hang up button actively contacts your partner, two-way video call intercom accompanies you, and easy and intimate interaction brings infinite warmth to each other.

The camera is equipped with a built-in pan tilt and a large capacity rechargeable battery design, providing comprehensive care for the home. Even in the event of a power outage, the warm light night light of the CV331S camera can still illuminate normally, providing a comfortable and eye-catching experience.

Dual lens camera panoramic+detail protection

The VStarcam intelligent dual lens camera CS992DR not only protects multiple areas such as balconies and kitchens, but also has voice intercom function, providing a more convenient way of communication between family and friends. When there are illegal intruders in the home, the humanoid detection function of the CS992DR camera plays a role, pushing real-time alarm information to users, taking timely and effective measures to prevent losses or tragedies from occurring.
CS992DR is suitable for safeguarding the safety of solitary boys/girls, the elderly, or children. It can also facilitate daily communication, replay exciting moments in daily life, and provide necessary evidence collection, making it an indispensable part of family life.

VStarcam has also launched the intelligent 4G high-definition shake head camera CG49. Implementing remote monitoring and two-way voice intercom functions through 4G networks, breaking through the limitations of traditional cameras that require connection to Wi Fi networks for use. Whether in an environment without Wi Fi signal or temporarily monitoring a certain area, CG49 can easily handle it and maintain stable and smooth image transmission effects. Even novice beginners can operate it without pressure, making it simple and convenient. It is suitable for Valentine’s Day travel documentaries and treasures precious time.

All VStarcam smart cameras support TF cards or cloud storage, making it easy for users to freely choose to play back videos based on date, time, and image. The financial level protects data transmission and storage, ensuring data security. Whether on romantic journeys or during warm moments at home, smart cameras can capture every detail of life.
Romantic 520 collides with Xiaoman, which is an emotional feast. When happiness occurs, people always try to freeze and cherish them forever. Smart cameras are witnesses of love, collecting memories, and enjoying the convenience and warmth brought by the warm companionship of AI cameras.