Let’s go to the grand event together! VStarcam makes an appointment with you for the 2024 Shenzhen International Intelligent Security Exhibition

On June 19-21, 2024, the Shenzhen International Intelligent Security Exhibition will soon open at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an Hall). At that time, VStarcam will launch multiple eye-catching intelligent AI camera products and industry application solutions. We sincerely invite you to visit!
As a leading enterprise in the intelligent security industry, VStarcam has always been committed to providing users with the most advanced products and solutions. In order to allow the on-site audience to more intuitively experience the charm of new products and technologies, VStarcam has specially set up a hardware product experience exhibition area, where visitors can personally operate and experience new products, and experience the outstanding performance of intelligent products empowered by AI technology.

At that time, VStarcam (booth number: Hall 8 A199) will be equipped with a series of intelligent monitoring new product experience areas that integrate AI technology, including multi camera, two-way video call camera, black light full-color camera, and low-power solar camera. You are welcome to come to the site to experience remote home viewing, accompany your family from afar, and keep your home safe.
This exhibition is an excellent platform for us to showcase our latest technologies and products. The following are the highlights of our products on display:
New Product Zhenxuan Zhishou Home

Dual lens/multi lens design
Indoor dedicated camera CS995DR CS996DR and C992DR, dual-purpose indoor and outdoor cameras C622DR The C662DR and CS621DR, as well as the three lens camera CS621SR, adopt a multi lens design and are equipped with dual gimbal up, down, left, right rotation tracking. One camera can monitor two or more different areas, providing a wider viewing field; They have excellent image quality performance of millions of pixels, presenting realistic daytime and nighttime scenes;
Human detection and voice intercom
Equipped with humanoid detection alarm, voice intercom, real-time interaction with family/friends, it has comprehensive monitoring capabilities and excellent adaptability for large venues, effectively responding to various complex scenarios, and providing you with a clearer, more comprehensive, and safer monitoring experience.
Intelligent full-color night vision
The intelligent multi camera also has high-performance night vision function. In the “Little Eagle Look” app, you can freely set night vision modes: black and white night vision, full-color night vision, and intelligent night vision. It provides clear and real images in low light environments. If in the intelligent night vision mode, someone enters the monitoring area and presents a color picture. When there is no one in the environment and there is no light in the dark, it presents black and white high-definition night vision, ensuring the safety of your home at every moment.

Secondly, The VStarcam bidirectional video call camera CV331S integrates home security and smart home functions. The device not only presents HDR high dynamic and clear video images, but also supports two-way video calls. Both parties can actively call each other, allowing you to maintain communication with your family anytime, anywhere; In addition, the thoughtful design of the device provides warm light without dazzling small night lights, which can be turned on with just one click when children or elderly people wake up at night, extremely practical and heartwarming. The CV331S device comes with a built-in battery power supply, even if there is a temporary power outage, the camera night light can illuminate normally, bidding farewell to endless darkness.
Industry leading camera CB78

This exhibition is about to showcase the first new product in the powerful and domineering industry – the 4G mini black light full-color camera CB78. It is powered by a large capacity rechargeable battery and has a low-power design. Through black light full-color technology, it provides more realistic and clearer image effects. The night is like day, allowing you to monitor the outdoor environment more accurately. CB78 revolves around the characteristics of weak nighttime lighting, diverse application scenarios, mini portability, 4G networking, battery powered low power consumption in the civil security market, and is innovative, useful, beautiful, easy to use, low power consumption, and less false alarms, effectively helping to protect the safety of users at home and during travel.
The excellent image effect and power consumption of black light full-color cameras, The VStarcam R&D team strives for excellence in noise reduction, wide dynamic range, 3D color matching, and image dragging.

Finally, at the exhibition, you will experience the VStarcam 4G solar binocular three screen camera BG661TR, which is our innovative product. By combining 4G communication and solar power supply technology, you don’t have to worry about power outages or network issues. With dual lenses, you can easily achieve a new experience of remote monitoring by watching three images on the same screen. Allowing you to stay up-to-date with the reality of your home, store, garage, or area of concern anytime, anywhere.
At the booth, we will provide detailed product demonstrations and explanations, and communicate and share with you the latest trends and technologies in intelligent security. Whether you are a household user or a business user, we can tailor the most suitable solution for you.
We believe that true product innovation always needs to be rooted in the reality of life. To meet the requirements of video recognition, analysis, retrieval, and interaction for intelligent AI, multi camera and other products, and to safeguard all aspects of user life, by solving the difficulties and pain points in the application of real monitoring equipment and technology, users can experience the care of technology firsthand, truly realizing the value of Weishi Dakang Technology Company.
VStarcam adheres to the business philosophy of “professionalism, integrity, and win-win”, adheres to the action principle of “putting user value first”, continuously develops technology, and serves all humanity. Committed to ensuring that every family can enjoy a peaceful life.
We sincerely invite you to participate in the 2024 Shenzhen International Intelligent Security Exhibition, witness the vigorous development of the intelligent security industry, and explore and create a broader and better future together.