The exhibition is opening soon!︱VStarcam sincerely invite you to visit Global Sources Smart Home&Appliances to explore business opportunities!

Global Sources Smart Home & Appliances Exhibition will be grandly held at AsiaWorld-Expo (Hong Kong International Airport) from April 18 to 21, 2024. VStarcam sincerely invite you to visit our booth at Hall 1, 1L17 to experience the progress and development of the intelligent security cameras and explore business opportunities. Industry elites and experts from all over the world will gather here to bring you innovative products and solutions that subvert your imagination. Do not miss it!

During the exhibition, you will witness VStarcam’s cutting-edge security technology products such as fire & smoke detection cameras, low power solar powered cameras, black light full color cameras, dual lens cameras, as well as innovative products that challenge imagination brought by the leaders of the smart home appliance industry. These products integrate advanced technologies such as intelligence, networking, and systematization, making people’s living environment safer, more comfortable, and more convenient, bringing disruptive changes to people’s lives.

This exhibition will also host a series of exciting activities, including professional forums, technical seminars, innovative product launches, etc., providing attendees with a platform for in-depth communication and discussion with industry experts, business leaders, designers, and consumers.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and development directions in the industry, and meet outstanding talents in the same industry, build business networks, and expand your business.

VStarcam will demonstrate smart AI cameras through speeches and interactive exchanges to show its strength and innovation to exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. These AI cameras realize remote control and monitoring of home security through wireless networks and sensing technologies. Among them, the black light full color camera presents beautiful and clear images in dim night environments, capturing scenes that are invisible to the naked eye. The dual-lens camera monitor two different areas the same time, displaying dual views on one screen, saving deployment time and cost, making it extremely convenient. The 4G low power solar powered camera can realize security monitoring, voice intercom with on-site personnel, and view playback by date/time anytime and anywhere without laying out network cables and wires, which brings great convenience to people’s lives.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with entrepreneurs and industry experts from around the world to gain industry experience and insights, the latest developments and future development trends. You can gain business opportunities from it and meet a group of like-minded partners, which will provide valuable reference and inspiration for your career development.

The exhibition is about to open! This is a grand gathering of business elites and a treasure trove of unlimited business opportunities! VStarcam sincerely invites you to participate in this exhibition and create a brilliant business future with us!