The 2024 Global Resources Smart Home Exhibition in Hong Kong, China is closing, and VStarcam has exploded throughout the venue!

A successful conclusion
Global Resources Smart Home/Electric Show

From April 18th to April 21st, VStarcam participated in the Hong Kong Global Resources Smart Home Appliance Exhibition. As an enterprise dedicated to the research and production of products in the field of intelligent security, VStarcam has once again attracted the attention of numerous audiences and industry insiders with its strong brand strength and innovative leading technological advantages, as well as its innovative product concepts and outstanding technical strength.

At this exhibition, VStarcam closely followed the trend of technological development and focused on showcasing the latest AI intelligent cameras, such as dual lens cameras, optical zoom high-definition cameras, low-power 4G cameras, black light full-color cameras, open flame detection cameras, video call cameras, and other series of intelligent AI products. These impressive products have created a more flexible, reliable, and secure user experience for consumers. Provide users with comprehensive and flexible AI application solutions.

Firstly, the VStarcam series of intelligent AI cameras all support wireless networking, with optional networking methods such as 4G and WiFi (Bluetooth fast connection). The outdoor intelligent cameras are IP66 waterproof and dustproof, so there is no need to worry about rain and snow affecting the normal operation of the equipment.
In addition, the VStarcam camera is equipped with AI humanoid detection, real-time photography/recording, humanoid tracking, personalized voice prompts, two-way voice, pan tilt rotation, cloud storage and other functions, allowing users to more comprehensively view the real situation at home, view replays anytime and anywhere, and share them with family and friends. What’s even more surprising is the bidirectional voice intercom function, which not only allows for real-time companionship with family members, but also protects the safety of the home.
Zero Distance Companion Camera – Bidirectional Video Call Camera. The elderly or children in the monitored area can call users with just one click, and users can also remotely call on-site personnel. With high-definition video calls, scene personnel do not need handheld devices, making it extremely convenient for both speaking and moving.

It is reported that the outstanding performance of dual lens cameras, black light full-color cameras, fireworks detection cameras, and low-power cameras has once again won widespread recognition both inside and outside the industry.
Remote dual view with dual lens cameras, allowing one camera to simultaneously monitor two different areas, saving deployment time and costs;

The black light full-color camera still presents clear color images in a dark environment without light, shining as bright as day. Combined with humanoid detection and real-time alarms, it prevents safety hazards at night!

Once the fireworks detection camera detects a fire point or flame, it immediately sends an alarm message to remind users to handle hidden dangers in a timely manner and prevent fires from occurring!

The low-power camera is powered by solar energy, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It has a long range and is lightweight and easy to install, bringing more surprises and convenience to users;

At the Global Resources Smart Home Appliance Exhibition, these highlight technologies not only demonstrate VStarcam’s strong strength and innovative ability in the field of intelligent security, but also bring consumers a more convenient, safe, and comfortable living experience. They also demonstrate VStarcam’s unremitting pursuit of user experience and innovative technologies, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

With the rapid development of intelligent technology and the continuous expansion of application scope, the demand for smart cameras from consumers is also increasing. VStarcam closely combines its technological advantages with market demand, constantly improving and innovating. Not only has it made significant progress in technology, but it has also made significant breakthroughs in product design. The displayed multiple smart AI cameras precisely meet the current consumer’s pursuit of safety, convenience, and high-quality lifestyle.