Stunned! VStarcam showcases at the Indonesian Selection Exhibition!

The 2023 China International E-commerce Industry Expo and Indonesia Selection Exhibition have come to a successful conclusion. As an exhibitor, VStarcam actively showcases excellent intelligent camera products, related software, and application solutions, providing comprehensive care and protection for people’s lives and property, and bringing more sense of security to users.

As an indispensable security protection tool in this era, the outstanding performance of VStarcam intelligent cameras has won unanimous recognition and praise from everyone.

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During the exhibition, VStarcam proudly showcased the latest camera hardware and related software products developed domestically and internationally. Various high-tech intelligent cameras became the focus of visitors’ attention, attracting many visitors to learn and experience.

4G networking

Battery+solar power supply

Waterproof, dustproof, moisture and heat resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

3 megapixel high-definition image quality, clearer than in person

Human detection, area detection, human tracking, real-time alerts

Visit important places such as construction sites, scenic spots, streets, warehouses, orchards, pastures, etc

More than 190 countries and regions are using VStarcam intelligent cameras, which is truly safe!

VStarcam showcases new technologies in the security industry, including 4K high-definition image quality, dual lens dual screen linkage, dual lens zoom, AI human shape detection, low-power waterproof ball, human shape tracking, and fireworks monitoring. We have always been committed to providing customers with safer and more intelligent solutions, building solid safety barriers for users.

At the exhibition, the smart camera products displayed by VStarcam attracted widespread attention and great interest from the on-site audience, and also attracted the attention and praise of industry peers.

People’s demand for safety is consistent. Whether it’s in homes, commercial venues, or public places, smart cameras can faithfully record every exciting moment, efficiently safeguard people’s safety and interests, and help people achieve safe travel and smart life.

The emergence of intelligent cameras allows people to view places they care about anytime and anywhere through network connections, effectively avoiding safety accidents and strengthening social security management, improving the efficiency of law enforcement.