Dynamic and gorgeous! Black light full color camera helps you have unlimited holiday fans!

Carnival Halloween

Black light full color camera escorts Halloween

Late at night, the moonlight poured down, and between the fingers and palms, the VStarcam black light full color camera CS612Q-uV recorded every minute of the carnival night scene and shared it with family and friends, allowing everyone to experience excitement and shock. The performance of the black light full color camera is more outstanding at night, and the dark night without light presents a clear and colorful scenery like day. Its clever thinking and infinite potential add freshness and excitement to social media activities.

The VStarcam black light full color intelligent camera truly achieves the perfect combination of intelligence and convenience, opening the door to sharing joy with the world and making your fan journey endless!

On Halloween night, the entire city was shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere. Neon lights illuminate the streets, and dazzling lights interweave into a unique painting. With intelligent cameras guarding their homes, people confidently wear various bizarre costumes and take to the streets, immersed in endless joy and excitement, enjoying the unique Halloween carnival.

Fireworks identification and detection

If there is a flame on site,

The camera accurately recognizes and alerts in real-time,

Remind people to handle fires in a timely manner.

In this noisy carnival, the fireworks recognition camera became the observer and guardian of the scene. Their sharp lenses scan and record every detail, and colorful lights flow under the lens of intelligent cameras, blending people’s smiles and excitement to create a colorful picture.

HD screen+AI detection

The carnival at night is not only full of vitality and joy,

Also infused with a hint of terrifying atmosphere.

People in the guise of demons and ghosts walked gently by,

The camera always remains vigilant and detects.

Whether it’s cute little ghost costumes or scary devil masks, the VStarcam camera BG66DR dual lens showcases high-definition graphics and excellent image quality, showcasing the joyful atmosphere of Halloween to the fullest. Convenient operation and AI functions provide users with an excellent viewing experience.

Playback anytime, anywhere

After the end of Halloween, the beauty recorded by VStarcam smart cameras still shines brightly, and segments of dynamic and precious memories are worth preserving forever. When people review holiday clips, they will feel the warmth and vitality of the time again.