Celebrating New Year’s Day and welcoming the new year, VStarcam intelligent cameras provide security for our homes

What are everyone’s plans for celebrating New Year’s Day and welcoming the new year? Going on a trip? Crossing the New Year with family? Working overtime at the company? Anyway, as long as you have a heart that accompanies your family, you will have a wonderful New Year. So how can we make our family feel at ease? Prepare a few smart cameras to try! A series of new products such as VStarcam solar wireless cameras, dual lens cameras, optical zoom cameras, and low light full-color cameras have been launched, bringing people more choices and convenience.

Before purchasing, the editor did a lot of homework and ultimately chose the VStarcam smart cameras based on different scenarios: BG55, CB77, CS663DR, C992DR, CS612Q-uV, CG66Q-X18P.

Treasure dual lens dual frame camera

To take care of the balcony and kitchen, the editor uses a dual lens camera C992DR, which has a 5-megapixel ultra clear camera, 1080P widescreen video recording, cloud storage for playback anytime and anywhere. It can share family and friends, rotate the pan tilt, and also balance the living room. It has functions such as all-round wide-angle view, two-way voice call, full-color night vision, and many humanized designs and functions.

Use the Weishi Dakang dual lens waterproof camera CS663DR for both the courtyard and the back of the house, just install one, because two lenses can simultaneously monitor the two different areas of the courtyard wall and the back of the house, saving deployment time, making it more economical, time-saving, and labor-saving.

Presenting high-definition dual screen experience with dual lenses, it’s like a treasure trove camera!

4G solar wireless waterproof camera is lightweight and easy to install

The BG55, a 4G solar waterproof camera, is used in front of shops and homes. It is powered by solar energy and connected to the 4G network, ensuring pure wireless connectivity. The 4G network is stable and not disconnected, and can be installed and used immediately, solving problems such as difficulty in waterproofing outdoor electrical networks. It is not only lightweight and fast to install, but also environmentally friendly and energy-saving, in line with the modern concept of pursuing a green life.

For users who need to monitor outdoors, the BG55 lightweight camera is undoubtedly a blessing!

4G low-power recorder rescues amnesia

Good Life Record Helper -4G Micro Power Portable Recorder CB77, which is often used for travel, meetings, classroom learning, and circuit repair. It is battery powered, connected to 4G network, and has a business back clip, making it lighter than a mobile phone. It can be carried with you, taking photos and recording videos with just one click, solving problems such as forgetfulness and easy omission of evidence. The recorded knowledge points can also be learned from the past, with low power consumption and long-lasting battery life! Free cloud storage!

Suitable for those of us who love documenting our lives, with affordable prices and no regrets when purchasing!

4G optical zoom high-definition camera that balances distance and proximity

The orchard and fishing pond at home are equipped with a 4G optical zoom high-definition waterproof camera CG66Q-X18P, with a 1-18x optical zoom, allowing for clear viewing of distant details during the day and night. The app displays 4 million high-definition images, and 4G networking is extremely convenient, waterproof and dustproof, eliminating the need to worry about complex outdoor weather conditions.

This VStarcam camera CG66Q-X18P is perfect for shopping malls, ranches, parking lots, and tourist attractions.

Low light full-color camera illuminates the beauty of the night

Poultry/livestock farms use the Weishi Dakang low light full-color camera CS612Q-uV, which presents a full-color picture like day in low light nights. It monitors the status of animals 24 hours a day, detects human figures, and tracks movements in real-time to provide timely handling of special situations. It is generally suitable for commercial areas, parking lots, and other places, providing 24-hour full-color care to illuminate the beauty of the night.

O-KAM Pro secure replay

The VStarcam intelligent camera supports special functions such as humanoid tracking, TF card and cloud storage, voice intercom, real-time communication with family, etc. It is easy to set in the “O-KAM Pro” app on the mobile phone, and will automatically track and shoot when a humanoid or object movement is detected. View replays remotely anytime, anywhere, and share them with family and friends.

Overall, these new intelligent camera products provide users with more diverse and personalized choices, and meet the differentiated needs of security monitoring equipment functions in different scenarios.

Rewind and summarize the past

Always record and showcase the future

May we always be kind, sincere, passionate, and sunny, to meet the gentle and long years. Everyone is walking on the path of becoming better, and in the rest of our lives, we will have love in our hearts and enjoy being loved, living with deep affection in every period of time.

A year’s time flies in an instant, and in the blink of an eye, a new year arrives. I hope all the heartache and unhappiness that once existed will disappear into thin air.