Leading the New Era of Digital City Industry with the VStarcam Top Enterprise Award presented at the 2023 World Congress

From October 25th to October 28th, 2023, the 19th China International Public Safety Expo (CPSE) and the Global Digital City Industry Expo opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and the first World Digital City Conference was held simultaneously. The conference, with the theme of “Connecting the World and Perceiving the Future”, focuses on new developments, trends, formats, and models of digital technology, and has released a number of major projects and achievements.

On site of the 2023 World Digital City Conference

VStarcam was invited to participate in the conference and was awarded the Top Enterprise Award at the 2023 World Digital City Conference. This honor not only recognizes VStarcam, but also affirms the new era of the digital city industry. VStarcam, with its outstanding technological strength and forward-looking strategic vision, assists in the construction of “digital cities” and leads the new era of the digital city industry. The digital city industry, from its initial digital infrastructure to today’s intelligent applications, cannot do without the efforts and explorations of numerous enterprises. In this process, VStarcam has become a leader in the industry with its outstanding strength and innovative ability.

Award presentation venue

As an applied industry, digital security has opened up the main artery of urban infrastructure through digital transformation. VStarcam’s experts with rich experience and professional knowledge continuously develop, innovate, and optimize various technologies and products in the digital city field. A series of intelligent cameras and application solutions and services have covered various fields of the digital city industry, providing services for urban management, public services Provide strong support in various aspects such as smart transportation.

World Digital City Conference * Fengming Award

With the rapid development of the digital city industry, VStarcam has established a good reputation in the industry. VStarcam intelligent audio and video products and services have been widely applied and recognized, bringing significant benefits to urban management, public services, and other fields. At the same time, VStarcam will also increase investment in technological research and development, actively participate in the formulation of industry standards and regulations, continuously explore new technologies and application scenarios, and make positive contributions to the healthy development of the industry.

The award of “Top Enterprise” at the 2023 World Digital City Conference fully reflects VStarcam’s corporate strength and industry contribution in the security industry. It is a recognition of its outstanding contribution in the digital city industry. As a leading enterprise in the industry, VStarcam will continue to leverage its technological advantages and innovation capabilities to lead the digital city industry into a new era. We believe that with the joint efforts of numerous enterprises such as VStarcam, the digital city industry will usher in a better future.

Technological innovation/leading the future