Arbor Day | Environmental protection first, brand leadership, VStarcam creates a green future!

Planting enterprise trees together

Co cultivation cultural forest

——VStarcam carries out Arbor Day activities

Another year of lush greenery

The annual Arbor Day

Bathed in the spring breeze, it has arrived

Plant a few saplings

Add a touch of greenery to spring

Every touch of greenery

They are all upward growing futures

This is our best gift for this holiday!

Spring returns to the earth, and all things are thriving. Planting trees to add greenery is just the right time. As the 46th Arbor Day approaches, various departments of VStarcam actively carry out voluntary tree planting activities, greening the factory environment, enhancing the corporate image, and striving to become active practitioners of green mountains and clear waters with practical actions.

VStarcam carries out activities with the theme of “environmental protection first, brand leadership, and VStarcam building a green future”. Everyone divides labor and cooperates, supporting saplings, using shovels to shovel soil, tightening and stepping on soil, and watering buckets. Each step is done carefully and meticulously. The newly planted 8 osmanthus trees are scattered and stand tall, adding a vibrant green color to the factory area.

Establishing the concept of green development

Through this tree planting activity, the spirit and demeanor of VStarcam company’s employees have been fully demonstrated, and their ecological awareness, environmental protection awareness, and beautification awareness have been enhanced. They have truly taken practical actions to become disseminators of ecological civilization and practitioners of ecological construction, and to practice the ecological civilization concept of “green waters and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver” with practical actions.

Whether planting trees or cleaning the park, it is a respect and inheritance of environmental awareness and labor spirit. Let’s use our own hands to create a better and better tomorrow.