Qingming outing, not to disappoint the spring light!

During the Qingming Festival, rain falls one after another

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Qingming Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, also known as the Spring Festival, Xingqing Festival, March Festival, Ancestral Worship Festival, etc. People worship their ancestors, clean their graves, offer flowers, burn incense, and express gratitude, respect, and nostalgia for their ancestors.

Traveling for outings and outings

Spring returns to the earth, and the natural world presents a vibrant scene everywhere.
The Qingming Festival holiday in 2024 is approaching, and many people choose to go hiking, get close to nature, enjoy the beautiful scenery, search for spring, and experience the beauty of nature. However, when going out, one always feels uneasy about their home, especially with pets, children, and elderly people. Fortunately, I have a VStarcam smart camera that allows me to view the situation at home anytime, anywhere.

With me guarding

Smart cameras are one of the important tools in modern home life. They monitor and record home dynamics in real-time 24 hours a day. VStarcam smoke and fire alarm cameras detect fire points and push alarm information to users in real time. Users can take effective measures in a timely manner. In addition, it can also provide real-time voice intercom, human shape detection, mobile detection, real-time alarms, etc., and interact with people in the place of care in real time, giving us enough peace of mind.

The VStarcam intelligent camera is like a caring guardian, not only protecting the safety of the home, but also constantly checking the learning situation of children at home, detecting fire points to avoid fires, caring about the health status of pets, two-way voice intercom, accompanying and recording the daily life of the elderly. People don’t have to worry about their homes at all times and can go hiking with peace of mind.
Spring is a beautiful season for spring outings. Let’s use smart cameras to watch the house together and enjoy the beauty of spring with peace of mind.

Kind reminder

  1. Wear protective equipment: sunscreen and hat, sufficient drinking water and food, reasonable diet and rest.
  2. Do not exceed the restricted area, do not climb mountains without authorization, do not trample on flowers, plants, and trees, and do not play in dangerous areas.
  3. Plan and familiarize yourself with travel routes in advance, learn about weather, road conditions, and other information, and avoid peak hours and nighttime driving.
  4. Do not ride in overloaded vehicles, do not carry fireworks or firecrackers on buses, and do not use tricycles, agricultural vehicles, or trucks to illegally carry people.
  5. Try to avoid long-distance self driving and consciously resist illegal behaviors such as drunk driving, distraction, and fatigue driving.
  6. Motorcycles and electric vehicles are not allowed to install rain shelters illegally. When traveling, please wear safety helmets and do not run red lights or go in the opposite direction.