IP Cameras Set up One minute Quick Installation

Network Camera is a kind of security product that easy to be set and installed. Here is an one minute crash course.Please forgive for the certain incomplete. Now,let’s take the IP camera F6836W(M-JPEG P/T IP camera) as example.

Simple Installation instructions:

1) Please keep the equipment access to the LAN (via cable access switcher / router, if the equipment is normal, then the red light of power and green light of network cable will light up ).

2) Run the Finder in the CD,the network camera finder will reveal Internal network address automatically.(please install the plugin in the CD at the beginning)

3) Please close all of the firewall to allow the operation of the software.

4) Enter the default IP address of the machine( the IE address bar,and make sure that the Finder displays the local gateway in the same way of network camera gateway. And if not the same, click sync, the network camera will adjust automatically according to the local gateway.

5) The default user name password: admin / you can see this point by blank landing.
At this moment,you can view the local area recorded by the network camera successfully.

How to achieve viewing in distance.Every ip camera made by VStarcam is equipped with its own domain name,that solve thoroughly the problems such as easy dropping when using peanut shells and network breaking,etc.Connection speed, save not only charges, but also time and energy for users, especially for users who are not familiar with computer operation.

In remote monitoring,users have to do a port mapping through a router,and its operation manual is shown in the CD.

Do port mapping to ensure it can be viewed normal on LAN.There is a remote address which is equipped with the device itself at the bottom right corner on the searching,such as just need key in the remote address on the website,and achieve remote monitoring through the Internet.

Using ip camera from VStarcam,just one minute.How simple it is!

The products of the company are also equipped with free PC software which can achieve centralized monitoring in 64 pictures.In addition to its simple utility,powerful function,there is streaming media server software,large TV wall management software, telecom operation platform system, and industry control management software.Welcome to the new and old customers for investigation and negotiation in the factory.