VStarcam New Products Conference in Guangzhou

VStarcam “My Security, My rule” new products conference was held in Guangzhou Laifu Guangwu hotel in March 28th 2014, afternoon. Nearly 200 guests have attended this event, including VStarcam Gaugnzhou Agent, Dealers, Security industry experts and media.

President of VStarcam Luke Yan delivered a welcome speech and prospected the IP camera industry and VStarcam’s development at the beginning. Since the day VStarcam was found,we developed very fast, all this will not happen without the support and help from our partners. We will continue our hard working and innovation steps, work together with our partners to creat a better tomorrow.

Followed speech was given by our Guangzhou Agent, Miss Tan. She shared her experience of selling VStarcam products: With strong advantage on quality, functional software and competitive pricing, her monthly sales is growing rapidly, this Feb her monthly sales was double of the number in Jan. Miss Tan’s speech won round and round applause.

Mr Huang, VStarcam regional manager introduced the new product NVS-K200, a creative product, perfect combination of surveillance video storage solution and entertainment. Compare to traditional video solution NVR, VStarcam NVS has much more functions: with built-in Android OS, 7 inch touch screen, friendly UI design, WIFI, entertainment video playing and huge storage integrated. “ We are sure, VStarcam NVS will be the fashion leader in the next few month” Manager Huang’s confident and splendid speech won the audience recognition.

Linkage alarm camera is VStarcam another innovation, Mr He,the alarm depart regional manager, pictured linage alarm IP camera functions and advantages, and demonstrated the usages of VStarcam alarm camera. The advantages of wireless installation, one key to setup, door bell feature, low battery prompt, remote monitoring ect, triggered the enormous interests of the audience.

In the mid of the conference, audience cannot wait to try the demos in the conference room while enjoying the tea and exquisite refreshment. To help the audience to better understand the new product features, we also prepared a drama “ Secret weapon of anti-thief”, vividly demonstrated the features and functions of the new NVS K-200.

Then domestic sales director Mr. Jiang reviewed VStarcam all achievements and the development history, introduced VStarcam’s merits regarding of production, marketing and agent policy. Explained in details of how to join VStarcam family.

Next on the stage is VStarcam Vice president Nick Hong, who shortly explained the concept of VStarcam products, and the target and vision of VStarcam. VStarcam aims to provide easy to use and DIY smart home products to all the consumer user market customers with very competitive price and beyond expectation features.

Final part is the interactive activity. Host invited all the audience to participate in the game of “Guess price to win product” . VStarcam prepared 20 sets new products as the prize. All the audiences are very excited, raised they hands to participate in the game, conference culminated. This conference has given a very good platform for the dealers and customers to better understand VStarcam products, and implanted the VStarcam slogan to the customers: “My Security, my rule”.