VStarcam’s Third & Cooperation Cup & Games

In order to better enhance team cohesion and centripetal force among colleagues and build a positive and progressive organizational atmosphere, in the afternoon of May 17, Weishi Dakang’s third “Team Cup” fun games – “Threesomes” The company is hot.
As we all know, the “triple four foot” challenge is the trust and coordination between teammates, and the pace must be consistent. A slight loss of control will lead to “turning people upside down.” This time the scale of the game has a total of 8 teams involved, divided into 40 teams, the number reached 120 or more, can be described as unprecedented. The contestants also spared no effort in carrying out an exciting and fierce competition. The scenes of the competition shouted with joy and laughter. The atmosphere was very warm and far exceeded the expected goal.
The significance of the company’s “Cooperation Cup” has always been to hope to ease the work pressure of employees, enhance teamwork and cooperation, improve interpersonal relationships, and make teams more active and active. The so-called dripping water is not a sea, and it is difficult to become a single tree. Any perfect team is based on solidarity. Therefore, in this joyous event, we also hope that members of the Weisheng Dakang family will be able to support each other in the days to come and support each other to form a strong team and unite with each other.