VStarcam April Exhibitions in Hongkong

Hong Kong Global Source Electronics Fair, the most popular and authoritative consumer electronics show in Asia has ended successfully in April 14, 2015. This large-scale exhibition attracted thousands of outstanding entrepreneurs came from around the world to participate in this event. As the leading smart hardware solution provider, VStarcam in the whole show has attracted great attention both from the media and the clients.

With new product, new design, and new booth style, VStarcam really impressed the global buyers. Especially the speed of new product launching, while other exhibitors are still showing the same product from last year, VStarcam has present not only the upgraded product from the IPC category, but also the total new area—smart home product, e.g WiFi lamp, wifi speaker ect.

Many buyers have showed great interests in our WiFi lamp. This lamp use the common lamp socket, but built-in our latest smart home technology, you can via APP to control the dime, color, contract, timing of the light on/off. What is more, you can use shake function to change the lamp color randomly. Global source marketing team specially reported our smart home products in the event, with the scenario control function to remotely control all the home appliance on/off, temperature, light, surveillance system ect, you can really enjoy a smart life.

During the 4-days exhibition, VStarcam booth was crowded with visitors both from buyers but also the exhibitors. They also want to learn from VStarcam. With open-mind, and learn from others attitude, VStarcam will continue to working harder to build up a worldwide world-renowned brand.

We appreciate your support and care about VStarcam, we will bring more new products soon!