VStarcam“Cooperation CUP“ fun games

To enrich the cultural life of the enterprise, active corporate culture, build team work between employees and increase the collective spirit, VStarcam held its first session of the “Cooperation Cup” Fun Games first project “the tug of war” on October 22, 2015 afternoon. All the departments have participated in this game. The competition was very intense!

Total eight teams took part in the game, each team 16 members, all from different departments. All the players did their best to pull back the rope firmly, all the audience automatically became the best cheering squad, with unified “fighting, fighting, fighting” cheering all the players. This game fully reflects the VStarcam employee’s unity and cooperation. Especially in the toss of time, although the players were exhausted but not flinch, still keep fighting till the last second! This spirit deeply affected each VStarcam people!

This activity greatly showed the VStarcam people’s energy and cohesion between departments. After this tug of war game, VStarcam will continue to maintain the solidarity spirit, working harder in our development road, and we believe tomorrow will be better!