VStarcam Hong Kong Exhibition brings to a sucessful close!

VStatrcam Hong Kong Exhibition ends satisfactorily. During this exhibition, VStarcam has launched quite a few eye-catching new products, especially the linkage alarm camera and NVS products.

The NVS K200 model is developed based on current VStarcam IP network camera products lines and the operating software, aims to provide users with more convenient and professional service. The camera video storage no longer confine to the computer hardwares and the SD card, also it with more professional supporting functions, like the music player, digital frame ect.

The “built-in linkage alarm” camera set is also a spotlight of this exibition.
The alarm push function, auto code matching, voice prompts, one key arming/disarming set up via smartphone functions with the live demo attracted many visitors attention, and all thumbs up to our excellent products and software designs.

Thanks very much for all the custmers’ support to VStarcam!