VStarcam appears in the German IFA, brought Intelligent security to the world

On September 1, 2017, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition,the IFA, held in in Berlin International Convention and Exhibition Center, Germany. VStarcam brought new cameras such as C15S, C26S, C22Q etc., to show the intelligent security made in China for consumers from all over the world.

The IFA, the international consumer electronics exhibition, is one of the most influential consumer electronics and appliance exhibitions in the world. It is a global event for home appliance manufacturers and traders to show new products and technology exchanges. Meanwhile, it is also a wonderful place where people who enjoy technology and enjoy life. Every year, the IFA exhibition will attract millions of people from all over the world to Berlin, who are the consumers, manufacturers and media, and of course the protagonists are exhibitors from all over the world.

For the great number of science and technology enthusiasts, you must go to German IFA exhibition to enjoy. As the main force of China’s security industry that leading the world, VStarcam has attracted the attention of consumers.   What’s more, VStarcam’s star products have completed stunning debut by means of innovative technology strength and simplified integration design, let the foreigners pricked up the thumb.

Technology and Art, nothing is impossible.

With a beautiful appearance, C15S perfectly integrated the mini size and the technology & fashion sense of Internet products, satisfied customer’s demand of portability. It has 1080P resolution, so the screen is clearer and it will protect your home 24 hours. With powerful mobile tracking and smart motion detection alarm function, once the camera detect any moving objects, it will automatically capture and track the objects, push alarm video to your phone, ensure you are notified with every change at home immediately, nip all potential danger in the bud.

Intelligence is Irresistible

C26S followed the classic mellow lovely shape, with classic B&W color, it has full sense of science and technology. The streamline appearance is almost the same as D26S, and can be a delicate decoration of high design when placed at home. The biggest optimization of C26S is that a network port added, and the stability has been enhanced again. With classic modelling design, more stable performance, C26S is a very heart-working product.

C22Q is the pioneer indoor cameras of the current industry, adopting Hisilicon high performace chipset, H.265 video compression and it’s 5G wifi network supportive. Besides, with 4.0 Megapixel HD resolution, it has clearer images and more fluent videos.

VStarcam’s professional R&D team develop cameras of simple but grand appearance which can place not only at home, but also shops, office, etc.

Perfect interpretation of home appliances and high technology, VStarcam provides users with ultimate experience of products and services, make the life more convenient and smarter.