VStarcam new products draw huge attention

The Phalaenopsis is falling in the air, it seems that high-profile announcement, declaring the season of flower is coming, April is good, in this beautiful month, VStarcam is also in sowing of hope.

After one year hard working, VStarcam brought quite a few innovative products to the exhibition. Apart from the exhibiting booth in hall 2 2N24, we also exhibited in Hall 3 with our new product line Veepai, the car recorder.

In Hall 2, VStarcam exhibited Camera Control, intelligent security,smart home products! This time we changed the booth display style, new booth image with brilliant and charismatic showcases the latest achievement to audiences! A new look not only bring a new visual feast, but also realize the spirit of “Positive enterprising, continuously surpass”.

All the time, each research product of VStarcam come out is accompanied by overall research and accurate interpretation, look forward to diversity smart products lines to meet different needs of users, and then achieve the quality of life. In this exhibition, new products D38 and E27 attracted huge attention.

Small size, big power——D38 is the world’s first special designed model with built in IR remote control, can remotely control home appliance, such as TV and air conditioning, and have the ability of code learning. As long as we have the code library, then we can update to our server, and camera can compatible with the appliance. Smart home magazine specially interviewed this new product.

E27 is another innovation smart home product we debut in this show. E standards for more “wisdom”, E27 is the new infrared remote control smart home kit combination, integrated infrared control of household appliances、socket switch control、lighting control、Wifi products such as the ip camera, Wifi doorcam, and zigbee accessory, like the zigbee socket, lamp, and curtain controller ect.. E27 debut, attracted more smart home professional person’s attention, and scheduled a meeting with the factory visits, want to know more about this new product.

Meanwhile, VStarcam published the latest smart hardware products of Veepai in the Hall 3——automobile data recorder&sport camera. The new product of Veepai is our first release, immediately attracted foreign media attention; Italian television media paid a special visit to the booth and broadcast the new products.

Exhibition Highlights: