VStarcam PIR Smart Camera – Technology integrated,Security upgrade

According to the basic demand of Maslow,security need is the second last important needs for us.All of us need and are finding our own sense of safety,because we are in a society that full of potential dangerous and unknown changing,you do not know what will happen next moment.Although we can not defeat natural disaster and get a great sense of security on natural,we can take better care of our property via our own way that with technology integrated.

VStarcam PIR Smart Camera

As a national high-tech enterprise in the security field,VStarcam has always adhered to the mission of innovation and the goal of providing people with a healthy and safe lifestyle, constantly optimize and upgrade its own products and services.

In order to improve user experience on security camera and upgrade security class,VStarcam developed and released IP camera that introduced PIR technology,PIR IP camera can detect suspicious person more accurately,reduce unnecessary interfere.Below you will see how a Wi-Fi camera works under PIR technology.

The full name of PIR is Passive Infrared.The camera with PIR sensor do not emit any radiation,which is a great advantage of PIR camera.Besides,the components of PIR sensor with low power consumption, good concealment and low price.

PIR operating principle

Our body will emit infrared rays with a specific wavelength of about 10um under our normal body temperature of 37°.PIR motion detection of IP camera detect and recognize person by Passive Infrared technology,which works via detecting body temperature. The 10 um infrared rays emitted by the human body are enhanced by Fresnel filters and collected on the infrared sensing source. The infrared sensing source usually adopts a pyroelectric element, which loses the charge balance when receiving the temperature change of the infrared radiation of the human body, and discharges the charge outward, and the subsequent circuit can generate an alarm signal after being detected and processed.

All in all,PIR smart camera works via detecting human body temperature to check it the moving object if it is man or not.Will push alert notification by Eye4 app once detected suspicious man,which avoid useless alarm to some extent,for example,the motions of your pets are are very normal,so you do not need any such a alarm notification,because this messages of pets motion do not pose a thread for your property,it is just a very very normal behavior.That is the best advantage of PIR smart camera,it is more accurate than the general IP camera in motion detection.

Model FC2 – A wifi camera with PIR

Model FC2,which is a Wi-Fi camera integrated PIR technology,is launched by VStarcam this year.As a PIR camera, FC2 definitely sure can protect your property very well,up to 110db siren and strong dual-LED make it more Powerful than you can imagine.The device will trigger siren and power on dual-LED automatically once detected suspicious person,which can scare thief immediately, you will also receive alert notification via app Eye4 simultaneously.

Besides,It support cloud backup and privacy protection.FC2 security camera adopt financial encryption, your data stored in cloud which supports up to 128G SD card and Smart H.264 technology, it saves over 5 times more memory space than the same product,it is convenient for you to playback and loop record.

Secure you home and feel safe with a PIR camera,general speaking,PIR smart camera like FC2 is more suitable for courtyard,garage.

But do not be upset,VStarcam will release another PIR camera model C52S soon later which is also an outdoor camera,but it will be more practical than FC2,and have a wide range of use.

Just keep attention and it will be coming soon !!