4G network camera: 4G remote monitoring, bid farewell to the troubles of no internet

In recent years, with the improvement of security awareness, the use of security cameras can be said to be more and more common, and they can be seen everywhere on the road, and 4G cameras have received a lot of attention because of their simple operation.

4G network camera

The most obvious advantage of a 4G camera is that it does not require a network cable, and can transmit video, audio, data and other signals directly by connecting to a 4G network to realize remote monitoring.

Especially in reservoirs, suburbs, forest areas, livestock areas and other places where network coverage is difficult and network cable layout is difficult, as long as a 4G camera is installed, the problem of outdoor installation without network can be easily solved.

4G network camera

4G cameras can use 4G/3G wireless network to transmit video, audio, and alarm signals to mobile phones or computers even if there is no network cable or WiFi. It can intelligently detect abnormalities and alarm in real time to realize remote monitoring.

4G network camera

Application scenario

The application range of 4G cameras is relatively wide. In places where there is no network, the effect of remote monitoring can be achieved through 4G communication wireless networks. Therefore, they are more used in villa areas, suburbs, forests, roads, parks, construction sites, farmland fish ponds Wait for wiring difficulties where there is no network.

I believe that in the future, as 4G technology continues to improve and mature in the security industry, network video surveillance will also enter a new stage, bringing more convenience to people.