How to install the smart camera?

Now more and more people are paying attention to smart home products, such as smart surveillance cameras, because of the improvement of modern home security awareness, so many Vstarcam security guards are more and more widely used. So how is the smart network camera installed?

In fact, the installation of the surveillance camera is very simple, you can install it yourself, and you can connect the camera to the mobile phone successfully.

  1. How to install the surveillance camera

First determine the location where the smart hd camera is installed, and connect the camera’s power cable. If it is a battery camera, you don’t need to connect the power supply, just turn on the switch. At the same time, on the setting interface of the mobile camera APP, connect the home network cable, or wifi, Vstarcam The smart camera can be connected with AP hotspot without network or wifi, which is extremely fast, saving a lot of wiring work and the ugly appearance of exposed lines. Next, insert the memory card inside the camera. If you don’t buy a memory card, don’t panic. The VStarcam smart camera has cloud storage function, no memory card, no NVR, and the recording of related video data is safe and reliable, and the master account is protected by multiple layers of privacy. At the same time, pay attention to adjust the position of the camera to the best monitoring angle.

2. Precautions for the installation of surveillance cameras

The installation of surveillance camera lines must be very clean, and ventilation, fire prevention, and moisture-proof work must be done well. If you choose Vstarcam wireless battery cameras or 4G solar cameras, there is no line arrangement work, which is extremely convenient.
It is very important to determine the installation location. Indoor cameras should pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof problems. For example, if they are installed in the living room or a corner of the store, they can protect the indoor panoramic view. Retire bad people and stop losses in time; you can also chat and interact with family members remotely at ordinary times.
In addition, the installation method needs to be determined. For example, Vstarcam smart cameras have installation methods such as hoisting, wall-mounted, hanging, and flat. The hoisting type can be installed in the wall. The indoor camera can be installed as you want, and the outdoor camera can be installed as much as possible. Installed under a cover to extend the life of the camera.
To install non-battery surveillance cameras, you need to reserve power sockets in advance. Home surveillance cameras are generally powered by DC voltage of 5 volts. Vstarcam indoor cameras are generally more energy-saving and power-saving.
Nowadays, many people have wireless routers in their homes, and they can also be connected to Wi-Fi from the VStarcam camera. It is super convenient to have no network cables, and it can also be monitored remotely. Be careful to ensure that the network is unobstructed!
Choose a TF card to store recorded videos. Generally, TF cards have various capacities, such as 32G, 48G, 64G, 256G, etc. It is recommended to choose 64G for small V, which can store video data for about a week. After a week, the old video will cover the new video. , VStarcam smart camera supports a memory card with a maximum capacity of 256G.

The above specifically introduces how to install a smart camera, what requirements are required for installation, and what problems should be paid attention to. The most important thing is to consider the network connection and storage space. Is it relatively simple? Anyone who can read can wear it and use it. Now, I spend more time away from home than at home. It is a wise move to bring a Vstarcam smart camera to protect the family and accompany relatives.