January 14, 2023 Important notice!

The rabbit is coming, and the New Year is getting stronger and stronger

Streets and alleys hang lanterns and colored lights

Welcome the Year of the Rabbit!

The Spring Festival, a festival of happiness spilling all over the world, it symbolizes unity, prosperity, happiness, is our every Chinese children all like the holiday.

One festival, one culture, the Spring Festival often has a seven-day holiday, people’s busy and nervous body and mind relax, long separated relatives together thousands of miles. Every family embraces the taste of happiness, stick couplets, set off firecrackers, eat New Year’s Eve dinner, give pressure red envelopes, guess lantern riddles…… Send New Year greetings to each other, the content is colorful.

All the best in the New Year

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According to records, the Chinese Spring Festival has more than 4 thousand years of history, before it has not arrived, many people can not keep their excited mood set off firecrackers, one after another fireworks blooming, the stars of the “meteor shower”, and like a dandelion dance with the wind, drifting, beautiful like a fairy tale world.

As the Spring Festival holiday of 2023 approaches, thank you for your support and love as always. Season’s greetings to you, wishing you a happy New Year, a prosperous business and a happy family.