Vstarcam 2022 Annual Meeting| Successfully concluded!

Gathering our strengths ● Moving forward with confidence, soaring 2023!

The Ruihu celebrates the old year and the Hare welcomes the spring to start a new voyage. In order to thank the joint efforts of all the staff and the support of the partners in the past year, Vstarcam held the annual meeting and commendation conference with the theme of “Gathering Strength and Trust” on February 18, 2023. In this conference, all the staffs of the company gathered together, we summarized the past, envisioned the future, awarded and commended, and shared a feast!

Admission sign-in

The teams arrived one after another, signed in under the festive music atmosphere and took their seats afterwards, and the host announced that the annual ceremony officially started!

Official Opening

In the past year, we have experienced struggle and growth, and we have deeply experienced the unity and love of the Vstarcam family, as well as the trust and support of many partners along the way.

Leadership Message

At the beginning of the banquet, Mr. Yan, General Manager of Vstarcam, gave a speech on stage, reviewing the economic situation of the whole country and the development history of the company in 2022, affirming everyone’s efforts and making outlook and planning for the development of the company in 2023

Deputy General Manager Zhong delivered a speech and sent good wishes to all employees. President Zhong said that every change and leap of Vstarcam can not be separated from your persistence and commitment.

Mr. Zhao, deputy general manager of VEEPAI, delivered a speech, thanking everyone. He will continue to accumulate strength and make products in a down-to-earth manner in the future to comprehensively promote the development of value enterprises.

The speech of General Manager Yan and two Deputy General Managers Zhong and Zhao was full of passion and inspiring. I believe that in 2023, under the leadership of the three leaders, the company will go to a new level and create a brilliant future.

Outstanding Honors Recognition of Exemplary

In 2022, a number of excellent teams and individuals who love their jobs and are dedicated to their work emerged. They are brave and enterprising, and show their courage with their strength. Hereby, they are awarded the “Gold Customer Award, Excellent Supplier Award, Excellent Employee Award, Employee Engagement Award, and Annual Sales Champion Award”, and awarded trophies, bonuses and honorary certificates to thank them for their contributions to the company.

[2022 Gold Customer Award]

[2022 Excellent Supplier Award]

[2022 Outstanding Employee Award]

[2022 Sales Champion Award]


Next is the exciting raffle. Holding the number plate of the prize, they always think that the next one will read themselves, so that the cheers once pushed the activity to a climax.

Congratulations to all the lucky people who won the lottery. I believe they can also be full of happiness and money in the new year!

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