Here comes the tour guide for the Hong Kong Global Resource Exhibition! April 18th to 21st, see you all

April 18, 2023- April 21, 2023- The exhibition will kick off at the Asia International Expo in Hong Kong. VStarcam sincerely invites you and your company representatives to visit, negotiate, and experience the security brought by intelligent AI cameras at booth 7Q02 of Hall 7!

The VStarcam security project and application solutions cover fields such as home safety and family care, smart city security and image maintenance, school and hospital security systems, and modern and beautiful rural construction, with a high scientific content, strategic, leading, and driving force. The active user data reflects the upward curve of
VStarcam ‘s rise.

After 12 years of hard work in the security industry, VStarcam ‘s intelligent network cameras have achieved breakthroughs in both quantity and quality. The outdoor specialized waterproof camera produced by
VStarcam -2.7K HD 30x optical zoom 360 ° pan tilt WiFi6 laser night vision ball machine CS630Q-X30P, which is stable, safe, waterproof, and durable, is highly favored by users. The recently launched 3 MP 4G HD outdoor one screen full color dual screen gun ball linkage waterproof camera CG663DR, T40 high-end chip, 360 ° all-round protection, one screen dual screen remote viewing anytime, anywhere, one top two, simple installation, and convenient construction. When it was in the development stage, it received many bookings and continuous praise. They are about to appear at this exhibition site, welcome to chat and order.

The VStarcam elite R&D team focuses on the user’s usage environment and specific needs, including various connection methods such as human form detection, real-time alarm for area detection, bidirectional voice intercom, full color/infrared night vision, 300/400/5 million pixel high-definition multiple specifications, 18x/30x optical zoom, DIY personalized voice customization, real-time alarm for mobile detection, real-time alarm for area detection, WiFi/4G/POE, battery/solar powered low power consumption More than 10 advantages, such as safe and convenient cloud storage, are added to maintain family and community security more accurately and efficiently.

With the development of technology, the popularity of VStarcam’s multiple intelligent 4G cameras has not decreased, probably due to the convenience of wiring free, stability and practicality! VStarcam best-selling product models such as CB75, CG666, CG550, CG663DR, CG664, CG65-X5, CG66Q-X18, BG69-TZ, etc. will appear at booth 7Q02 this year. We are waiting for you to interact and stay tuned!

VStarcam was established in 2011 and is a leading research and development manufacturer in the domestic civil security monitoring industry. Committed to video security technology, intelligent IoT technology, and cloud platform services, adhering to the business philosophy of “professionalism, integrity, and win-win”, adhering to the action principle of “everything is based on user value”, providing comprehensive video security product solutions for more than 190 countries and regions worldwide.

Now, I would like to offer you the ‘Exhibition Guide’

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1、 Exhibition Overview

A. Exhibition time:

April 18-20, 2023, 9:30-18:00 (Tuesday to Thursday)

April 21, 2023, 9:30-5:00 (Friday)

B. Exhibition location: Hong Kong · Asia International Expo Hall (Hong Kong Lantau Hong Kong International Airport)

C. Invitation letter for exhibition registration (scan WeChat or long press QR code to identify)

2、Exhibition Area Distribution and Service Point Location Map

3、Transportation Guidelines


2.[Self driving] Navigation, please search for: Asia International Expo Hall

When the spring breeze rises, the future has arrived. More and more companies around the world are joining hands with VStarcam to deepen the construction of smart cities, laying a solid foundation for high-quality and safe society, accumulating factors of progress, adding new momentum, and unleashing new vitality.