VStarcam Hot Selling Products Gather at the 2023 Global Resource Smart Home Appliance Exhibition!

Global Sources Smart Home and Appliances Show

From April 18th to April 21st, 2023, the 4-day Global Resource Smart Home and Home Appliances Exhibition was successfully concluded at the Hong Kong Asia International Expo Hall!

Looking back at the scene, it seems that there is still a lot of noise in my ears, and the audience is constantly streaming through. Although it only has a short exhibition time of 4 days, the VStarcam booth has always been a popular gathering place. We sincerely thank all customers and friends for coming.

This exhibition is extraordinary. Let’s review what happened at the venue together?

Come on, let’s take a look together!

Through this exhibition, friends from all over the world will experience remote viewing, two-way voice intercom, human shape detection, sound and light alarm, movement detection, area detection, real-time alarm reception, and other practical AI technologies on-site at the VStarcam booth. They have gained a deeper understanding of VStarcam’s intelligent AI cameras. At the exhibition, VStarcam won the favor of customers and friends with its popular 4G smart camera and outdoor gun ball linkage dual screen camera, and received widespread recognition and praise from domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors.

Faced with the new trend of technological innovation and development, VStarcam is striving to catch up and surpass, with the main purpose of exchanging and learning, expanding horizons, and expanding the market. We have had enthusiastic discussions with many customers and friends who have come to visit the exhibition, which has given everyone a new understanding and understanding of the field of intelligent security. In addition, VStarcam has carried out a series of activities such as on-site investment promotion, preferential policies, and on-site signing, VStarcam has reached preliminary cooperation agreements with numerous domestic and foreign clients and friends, laying a more solid foundation for

VStarcam ‘s future development. Every detail that permeates it has poured into our infinite love and pursuit of social security.

Unlock the ‘inside story’ together on site

VStarcam has core technologies such as video and audio encoding and decoding, video image processing, video and audio data storage, P2P data transmission, as well as dozens of patented technologies such as cloud computing and big data. It provides professional segmentation for intelligent audio and video products such as network cameras and low-power cameras, and provides comprehensive video security product solutions and services for over 190 countries and regions worldwide.

Witness of independent research and development strength brand

Throughout this year’s exhibition, various renowned brands have gathered. As of the end of the exhibition, VStarcam booth has been constantly consulted and popular, perfectly witnessing the strength of the VStarcam brand. As one of the independent research and development members in the field of intelligent security, VStarcam brings its self-developed intelligent AI cameras, remote video management software, cloud platform services, etc. to provide users and friends around the world with higher quality and efficient products and services, Continuously adding new momentum to the intelligent security industry.

Continuously focused and dedicated

We perceive the needs of the market, and every innovation and breakthrough is inseparable from the trust and support of new and old customers! VStarcam will always maintain its original intention, adhere to the business philosophy of “professionalism, integrity, and win-win”, adhere to the action principle of “everything is based on user value”, and provide users with thoughtful, practical, and stable products and services. In the future, VStarcam will continue to make every effort and innovate, providing you with higher quality products and more comprehensive services.

Grateful attention, looking forward to meeting you again

Thank you for your continued support and attention to VStarcam. Looking forward to meeting you again!

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