You are not allowed to worry about the safety of your family during holidays!

Looking forward to the stars and the moon, finally we have the May Day holiday! On the occasion of the holiday, install VStarcam intelligent voice cameras at home and around the house, and take your family on a trip with peace of mind!

People work in the world, using their hands, brains, and wisdom to obtain their own life. On ordinary days, we may not be accustomed to the significance of labor. However, this Labor Day, named 5.1 Labor Day, makes the first day of May no longer ordinary, but an important node for pursuing the value of labor and thinking about the meaning of labor!

Intelligent alarm guarding home

VStarcam intelligent binocular zoom guard CG667D, human shape detection real-time alarm, guarding the surrounding safety of the home, two-way voice real-time intercom remote accompanying family, alleviating the longing caused by distance. On May 1st Labor Day holiday, squatting or traveling at home, VStarcam intelligent AI camera guarding the home, giving you more peace of mind and care. May you be happy and happy a little more.

Pay tribute to the workers

The flowers in spring are particularly beautiful, the singing of labor is particularly loud, the sweat irrigates the fruit, and ordinary nurtures greatness. The vast number of workers, based on their own duties and with a broad perspective, work tirelessly in their ordinary positions in obscurity, achieving extraordinary achievements, demonstrating their diligence and creativity.

On the occasion of the May Day International Labor Day, VStarcam Intelligent Defender extends high respect and holiday congratulations to workers, farmers, intellectuals, and other working people from all walks of life across the country!

Travel Reminder

Everyone, pay attention to safety when traveling

Drinking alcohol without driving, driving without drinking alcohol

Don’t trust strangers when going out

Don’t open the door to strangers at home without permission

Take care of personal and property safety

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